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How strong is your Amazon ‘health?’

To secure a mortgage, prospective homeowners need to prove their creditworthiness and financial health with a strong FICO score. A FICO score is the three-digit number based on one’s credit reports that help creditors assess how likely one can repay debt.E-commerce could learn a thing or two about ratings to determine one’s success — especially working with Amazon. The retailer’s sheer size and volume make it an e-commerce platform like no other that we have ever seen. What’s more, no one brand or company has created the ideal formula to sell their products on Amazon.My team has measured the successes and failures of hundreds of SKUs/brands and have realized that by amplifying specific components of one’s Amazon strategy, a brand or manufacturer can achieve unforeseen gains.The sum of the parts is greater than the wholeAccording to industry reports, global e-commerce will reach $4.5 trillion by 2021. What’s more, Mary Meeker’s latest Internet Trends Report cited that 49 percent of pro…

‘Amazon Moments’ tool gives brands new way to build, deliver loyalty campaigns

Amazon Moment’s console rewards platform. Amazon has launched Amazon Moments, a cross-platform solution that allows marketers to create cost-per-action (CPA) loyalty campaigns to be made available via a brand’s app or website. Delivered as an API, the platform lets marketers create campaigns aimed at driving a specific action and, based on the user completing the action, deliver customer rewards in the form of digital and physical products available on Amazon.How it works. The Amazon Moments API offers a self-service tool where marketers can define a specific action they want a user to take on their website or app, and then choose an Amazon product or reward that will be delivered once the action is completed.For example, Amazon explains, if a fitness app developer knew that users who complete 30 workouts during a given time period are more likely to spend money on the app, it could incentivize users by giving them a reward for accomplishing this action. The Amazon Moments API lets mar…

Lucidity’s new report shows a successful field test for blockchain-based ad optimization

Impression and click match rates for mid-campaign optimization away from “discrepant” sources, per the Lucidity report. Blockchain and reality joined forces this week, as startup Lucidity offered some of the first stats backing the dreams that blockchain can make digital advertising more transparent and less wasteful.The Marina Del Rey, Calif.-based firm has released a report, “Ad Transparency Report 2019” (free, registration required), about a pilot program where its blockchain-based platform tracked programmatic media buys by a dozen advertisers in Q3 and Q4, as part of the Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech Lab’s blockchain field test.‘Most complete record.’ Lucidity described the report as “the most complete record of results from a blockchain-powered digital advertising solution to-date.” The results, the company said, validate that there is a high level of waste and fraud in the programmatic ad system, and help prove that blockchain can help solve these problems.The report noted…

Q&A with SEMrush CEO / Cofounder, Oleg Shchegolev

Oleg Shchgolev, CEO and Co-founder of SEMrush, also created SEOquake that was released in 2006. SEOquake was the inspiration to creating something more complex. Then SEMrush was born with the help of his partner, Dimitri Melnikov.Today, SEMrush has 10 years in the market with 500 employees, revenues close to 100 million, and about 2 million users worldwide.I had the pleasure to interview Oleg, including some questions beyond Search.KT: What type of inspiration, vision, and loyalty did you see in Dmitri Melnikov that made you want to go in business with him?OS: First and foremost, Dima is my friend. Second, he is a SEMrush co-founder; he’s been here right from the very beginning. We have always believed in the product that we’ve been working on and I totally admire him as my friend, my colleague, and co-founder.We make most decisions together as CEO & co-CEO. Our temperaments are mutually reinforcing and this contributes greatly in allowing us to make balanced and informed decision…

Marketing Day: Google’s new interpreter mode, Brightcove to buy Ooyala, 2019 martech trends

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Google rolls out ‘interpreter mode’ for Home and smart displays
Feb 14, 2019 by Greg Sterling
Users invoke the feature in one of several ways and it keeps going until you verbally turn it off.Brightcove to buy video ad tech platform Ooyala for $15 million
Feb 14, 2019 by Amy Gesenhues
Brightcove CEO says the deal will immediately grow the company’s global workforce and accelerate its ability to deliver deeper support for customers. Skimlinks launches automated affiliate links for AMP
Feb 13, 2019 by Barry Levine
The UK-based firm says this is the first such automated solution for affiliate links on AMP pages.Adjust unveils a new standard to combat fraudulent ad clicks
Feb 13, 2019 by Barry Levine
Called Click Validation Through Proof of Impression, it ties an ID in the ad impression to an ID in the ad click, and it is being adopted by a range o…

The MarTech agenda… and 7 more reasons to attend

Looking to improve ROI? Searching for the right marketing technology? Or to meet others who have overcome the challenges of modern marketing?The MarTech® Conference is designed for you, the senior decision-maker working at the intersection of marketing, technology, and management.Here are 8 reasons you should join us April 3-5 in San Jose:1. Get solutions to complex challenges. MarTech delivers the strategies you need to overcome everyday marketing obstacles. Whether you’re struggling to see results from your martech investments, unsure of how to leverage A.I., or need to overhaul your marketing ops team… we’ve got you covered. Senior-level marketers from the world’s leading brands are eager to share their experiences and insights on what’s worked (and what hasn’t). See the complete agenda.2. Validate your initiatives. Knowing you’re on the right path can be difficult. The case studies and playbooks presented at MarTech will confirm what you know and help make your case back at the of…

Optimizely lets marketers create ideas and access experiment data through new Slack integration

From Optimizely: An idea collaboration screen in Slack. Optimizely users can now share ideas and check the status of experiments through collaboration tool Slack.The announcement this week means that those marketers who subscribe to both Slack and Optimizely won’t need to log directly into Optimizely to check ongoing web, iOS, Android and Over-the-Top TV experiments.‘Democratize’ testing. Optimizely Director of Product Management Byron Jones said in an interview that this is his company’s first integration with an office workplace tool, as well as Slack’s first integration with a testing tool. Slack already integrates with Google Analytics, inbound marketing platform HubSpot and reporting tool Raven, among other marketing tools. The key purpose of the Optimizely link, Jones said, is to help “democratize” the ability to test different marketing and user experience alternatives by making their creation and monitoring part of an organization’s daily workflow.Jones said users of Optimizely…

Google rolls out ‘interpreter mode’ for Home and smart displays

Google Translate is now rolling out Google Home devices. The capability was first announced at this year’s CES. Since then, the company has been testing Translate on smart displays in various hotels in selected markets: Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco.Languages displayed side-by-side. Users of Google-powered smart displays or smart speakers can invoke interpreter mode at home by saying “Ok Google be my interpreter” or “Ok Google help me speak [language].” It works in 26 languages. The Google Home Hub smart display also features a side-by-side readout of the phrase and translation.Once in interpreter mode, users can request an open-ended number of phrase or word translations without using “Ok Google” between each of them. In my testing, the experience was intuitive and the translations appeared relatively accurate (based on my high-school-level Spanish and French).It also seemed like I could have continued asking “how do I say . . . ” indefinitely. In fact, as I kept talking to Goog…