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Kochava launches deterministic attribution for mobile web

Measurement firm Kochava is out Friday with a method of deterministic attribution for mobile web advertising.Essentially, GM Grant Cohen said in an interview, Kochava can now link its mobile web cookies with its mobile app device IDs, to definitively track a given user’s action in an ad inside a mobile browser that leads to an app install or other app-based activity.“Stay in our lanes.” Previously, he said, the company’s attribution “had to stay in our lanes.”That is, user activity inside a mobile app can be tracked via a mobile device ID — that is, through the device’s Apple IDFA (Identity for Advertisers) or Android GAID (Google Advertising ID). They are not usually available for tracking ads in mobile web, and they are considered “deterministic,” because the ID lets the device be specifically and definitively identified.So, in that “lane,” Kochava can track in-app ad activity.On the mobile web, a Kochava-tracked ad can generate a cookie from Kochava’s own domain. Cookies have a lim…

Get it today– ‘The Dummies Guide to Enterprise Customer Data Platforms’

The Enterprise Customer Data Platform for Dummies demystifies in straightforward terms customer data platforms and how they can empower marketers – to leverage valuable data and handle the segmentation that will enable better, more efficiently targeted marketing. Learn to integrate data from all sources, segment a buyer profile, create optimal buyer models, and much more.This guide:Covers working with data that historically has been tough to unify.Describes how marketers can control the data themselves without IT help.Gives strategies for automation to reach buyers in optimal ways to make a brand loved by customers.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download your copy.The post Get it today– ‘The Dummies Guide to Enterprise Customer Data Platforms’ appeared first on Marketing Land.

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