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Showing posts from February 18, 2019

What the big UA players will be doing (more of) in 2019

As the number of apps available to mobile users continues to grow in 2019, we are going to see even more fierce competition among mobile app developers/publishers to acquire (and retain!) those users. Below are six of the most important shifts in strategies and tactics that we predict will surface or expand further this year.Install rate begone! Attribution models will focus more on LTV and high-quality usersBasic install rate has already been identified as problematic, particularly as we consider multi-touch attribution and the different windows for Install action that are accepted by various partners. And with Apple now cutting out the middleman and verifying installs through an iOS API call, third-party attribution vendors are being forced to rethink their approach – or even their existence (Tune sold off its attribution analytics business less than four months later).What’s more, because the “gold rush” of mobile gaming (2010-2014) has tapered off and both marketing and developmen…

Google Ads 2019: What to look out for

2018 was an eventful year for Google Ads. We saw a number of big changes and improvements including:A re-branding – Google Ads was re-branded from Google AdWords and according to Google this is more encompassing and makes it easier for businesses to advertise across their platforms.New interface – according to Google is faster and easier to use than the previous interface and includes more features to reach your advertising goals.However, 2019 is promising to be an even better year as advertisers take full advantage of the previous years changes and the new ones that are to be released:15 seconds non-skippable video adsAdvertisers running TrueView in-stream Ads on YouTube can now benefit from 15 second non-skippable video ads. This has only been available to advertisers via YouTube reservation, but will now be available to advertisers running auction campaigns in Google Ads.In an announcement, Google said:“Today we’re expanding access to advertisers running auction campaigns. Recogniz…