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Luxury marketing search strategy, Part 1: Consumer mindset

Did you know the world’s top 15 luxury brands generate more than 45 million web searches per year?Gucci, ranked as the number one most popular luxury brand online based on Deloitte’s Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2018 study, has approximately 9.5 million web searches per year alone.Luxury brands, resellers, and even counterfeiters are competing to win the top organic positions for these searches. This means that SEO is not just an opportunity for luxury brands, but an imperative. SEO is a highly strategic and effective way to fend off the competition and maintain a vital source of traffic to luxury brands’ websites.However, before you can get to work on a rock-solid SEO campaign, you need to understand the mindset of the luxury goods consumer.In this first of a three-part luxury search marketing series, I’ll dive into the consumer mindset in the luxury vertical. In the follow-up articles, we’ll discuss how to strategize and execute SEO campaigns based on this mindset and other aspects…

How to Use Intelligent Site Search to Increase Conversions

Web visitors today don’t have time to browse all over your site. They want to search for – and find – what they need quickly and easily through personalized experiences. With site search users being up to 5 times more likely to convert, the stakes for relevant results and recommendations are higher than ever before.Join this webinar to learn how Motorola Solutions is adapting its digital strategy to the changing expectations of its customers. Jon Rossman, Digital Experience Manager at Motorola Solutions, will share his experience and lessons learned from creating a more relevant, unified and personalized website experience. You’ll hear practical tips to increase website traffic and conversion, and strengthen the relationships with your brand.Register today for “How to Use Intelligent Site Search to Increase Conversions,” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by Coveo.The post How to Use Intelligent Site Search to Increase Conversions appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Six tips for B2B paid search success

Having worked across paid search strategies in all kinds of industries, you get to learn they all have their individual quirks: high CPCs, certain keywords that just don’t work, and other things that just drive you mad.When it comes to B2B and lead generation strategies that are no different, in fact, it’s probably a bit more challenging when you can’t see the direct conversions or e-commerce revenue.As such, I thought it would only be fair to share six of my favorite tips to help you get the best out of your paid search activity when working in the B2B world.Six tips for B2B paid search success1. Tracking & attributionWithout a doubt, the hardest thing about running a B2B strategy is tracking and attributing your leads, clients, and sales back to specific campaigns and keywords, but for me, this is where it gets most exciting.When working on an e-commerce strategy as long as your tracking is set up correctly, you can see your data quite clearly and you can understand where your s…

Expect more Instagram branded content ad opportunities in 2019

Instagram confirmed it is exploring more ways for brands to amplify content from influencers. The company has been testing a new branded content ad format since last year that allows brands to turn posts created by influencers into ads on the platform.Why you should careBrands on Instagram have long been cultivating relationships with influencers to promote content. But, brands are unable to use influencers’ posts featuring their products or services as ads that can be targeted beyond the influencer’s organic reach.“We got great feedback from the brands that participated that this ad product is helping with some major limitations that can come with organic branded content including targeting and scale,” said an Instagram spokesperson.While branded content ads are not currently available to all advertisers, an Instagram spokesperson said the company was encouraged by the feedback from the beta tests for the ads and is committed to rolling it out more broadly in 2019.The top two most ef…

Marketers less concerned about data tech, IAB annual report finds

There is less concern this year about the technology available to manage data in the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual report, “The Outlook for Data 2019,” than in last year’s.Conducted with the Winterberry Group consulting firm, the fourth annual report was released Tuesday and is focused on how “digital marketing and media practitioners are using audience data.” It reflects an online survey of 105 IAB special-interest committee members — marketing service providers, marketers, technology developers, publishers and media providers.Tools, but not yet enough talent. The survey found that respondents concerned about “insufficient availability/functionality of supporting technology” fell from 50 percent in last year’s report to only 22 percent this year.“This speaks to how the industry had previously made investments in third-party tools that are used to collect and manage audience,” said IAB Data Center of Excellence Vice President and Managing Director Orchid Richardson via email…

SurveyMonkey buys Usabilla

Cloud-based survey provider SurveyMonkey is boosting its enterprise suite of voice-of-customer feedback services, with its announcement on Tuesday that it is acquiring Usabilla.“Website feedback collector.” Based in Amsterdam, Usabilla provides technology to collect user feedback in real-time for more than 450 enterprises in three dozen countries, including Lufthansa, Philips and Vodafone. The deal is valued at about $80 million in cash and equity.SurveyMonkey CEO Zander Lurie said in a statement that the purchase “strengthens our position in this rapidly growing multi-billion-dollar market.” Lurie told TechCrunch that a key missing product for his company’s portfolio, now provided by Usabilla, is a “website feedback collector” for sites and apps. SurveyMonkey’s enterprise solution has provided online surveys that are sent out via email or social media.SurveyMonkey’s enterprise suite already includes CX, a turnkey Net Promoter Score solution for obtaining customer feedback, as well as…

How To Run A Giveaway On Your Blog Using Gleam & Grow Your Readership

One of the easiest ways to drive traffic & build a readership is by using giveaways. This is also true for building email lists. In the past, I have shared how a contest helps you to create readership & Vijay has shared some vital information on making your contest viral. If you are already a regular reader of […]How To Run A Giveaway On Your Blog Using Gleam & Grow Your Readership is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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Google RankBrain: Clearing up the myths and misconceptions

It’s been nearly 3½ years since Google first announced their usage of RankBrain (October 26th 2015, but it had started being rolled out early 2015, in multiple languages).In that time, there’s been little in the way of details coming from G about what it is or how it works.The result is that numerous SEOs have stepped up to fill that void with their own speculations and opinions, and in doing that, have caused all sorts of confusion.This is my attempt to correct and clean up some of that mess.(There is a TL:DR at the bottom if you want to skip the verbiage :D)What does RankBrain do?Though there isn’t much publicly available, what we do have is fairly specific:“If RankBrain sees a word or phrase it isn’t familiar with, the machine can make a guess as to what words or phrases might have a similar meaning and filter the result accordingly, making it more effective at handling never-before-seen search queries.– Greg Corrado, from Bloomberg’s Google Turning Its Lucrative Web Search Over t…

Alternatives to Google: Mojeek believes a truly independent and tracking-free search engine must be built from scratch

It has become something of a personal mission of mine to take some time to explore global alternatives to Google here at Search Engine Watch. This all began with my piece No need for Google and has continued with more in-depth studies into Ecosia, DuckDuckGo, Baidu and Yandex.Today, I want to turn my attention to Mojeek.This UK-based search engine which is aiming itself at web users who want a non-creepy search engine in the vein of DuckDuckGo and Startpage, as well as a greener option akin to Ecosia.A couple weeks ago, Marc and Finn from Mojeek hosted a Reddit AMA about their project. The response was massive.The debate about technical choices and hurdles, the ethics of search, as well as the value of fledgling engines in the era of Google’s dominance raged on for another 48 hours after the initial livechat.Here are some of my takeaways from that and from my own deep dive into the world of Mojeek.How is Mojeek different?The elevator pitch for Mojeek is ‘Independent and unbiased searc…

Time’s running out! Book your SMX Advanced pass now!

Last week, we shared with you 10 great reasons why you should attend SMX® Advanced, June 3-5 in Seattle — and I could sling another ten at you today. But instead, I’m going to let some of your peers do the talking…So there you have it. If you want expert-led discussions on the SEO and SEM topics that matter most to your company, advanced techniques that will help drive awareness and conversions, and a chance to connect with the best and brightest search marketers on the planet, come to SMX Advanced.Don’t wait. Super Early Bird rates (up to $900 off on-site prices) expire March 16. Register now!PsstAttend with your team for an unforgettable team-building opportunity and even more savings!The post Time’s running out! Book your SMX Advanced pass now! appeared first on Marketing Land.

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