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Facebook dynamic ads: A beginner’s guide

Facebook constantly expands its advertising offerings by introducing new features to accommodate advertisers in their effort to make the most out of their platform.Whether it is creating ads that tell the brand’s story with carousel ads, immersing users in their brand’s world with Canvas or Stories ads, or cutting down the time to create creatives while at the same time tailoring the ad to the ad viewer with dynamic ads, Facebook wants to ensure that it gives advertisers the tools to drive results across its platforms.In a world where personalization is vital to make experiences more engaging, Facebook Ads are no different. Advertisers need to customize their offering, ad copy and ad creative to ensure the best experience possible. A great experience tailored to the user’s needs hopefully equals higher engagement — or, in terms of Facebook advertising, conversions.Tailoring your ads to your user, the manual and tedious wayOne way you could promote your products to potential customers …

7 Best Monthly Billing Hosting Options For Newbie Bloggers

Looking for the best monthly billing hosting options? There are a lot of cheap hosting services that can host your website for just a few dollars per month. However, many of these services are only able to offer such cheap prices because they lock you into a long, one to three-year contract. So even if […]7 Best Monthly Billing Hosting Options For Newbie Bloggers is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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Facebook lost 15 million users? Marketers remain unfazed

Source: Edison Research 2019 Facebook has lost an estimated 15 million users in the U.S. during the last two years, according to a report from Edison Research. The firm’s “The Infinite Dial 2019,” surveyed 1,500 U.S. citizens age 12-years and older and found that Facebook usage overall has dropped from 67 percent to 61 percent in two year’s time, with the 12 to 34-years age segment down from 82 million in 2017 to 65 million this year.Twitter usage is also on a downward slope, going from 23 percent to 19 percent between 2017 and 2019. The report found, overall, social media use has stagnated since 2016, with the number of respondents claiming to be on social remaining around 77 to 80 percent for the past three years. But social media marketing experts said they’re not seeing any impact from declining social media use.People aren’t leaving social, just shifting platforms. While the report showed Facebook users numbers were dropping, Facebook-owned Instagram is experiencing a steady rise.…

Here’s what email marketers can learn from Morning Brew’s expansion

Morning Brew founders Alex Lieberman (left) and Austin Rief. While marketers of all kinds are laboring over dozens of personas that make up their target audiences, the team at highly successful newsletter brand Morning Brew think they have found a better way.Target one persona … just one.“We picked a real human being, detailed out what this human does,” said Alex Lieberman, co-founder CEO of Morning Brew, “literally codified a persona and their behavior that we can reference in any point in time.”That persona is a lot like Lieberman and co-founder and COO Austin Rief, who together started Morning Brew when they were both in college. It’s a young, high-earning professional, living in a coastal city who is highly aspirational, is tech-forward, is really passionate about business and likes watching Ted talks, said Lieberman.“The core characteristic of the person is someone who is curious,” he said.But can a single persona really encapsulate a daily newsletter audience that Morning Brew no…