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Find opportunities to win in your market with this free competitive analysis template

In order to win as a business, you need to analyze your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, and strategic moves. A complete competitive analysis covers every aspect of the business, from product to marketing to executive leadership. And an impactful competitive analysis draws out opportunities and action items for each stakeholder across the business. This 50+ page slide template from Crayon covers each key business area, tools and tips for gathering and presenting competitive data, and strategies for turning the analysis into an actionable blueprint. The slide template also comes with a bonus spreadsheet template to assist in data analysis and presentation. Start analyzing your competitive landscape and learn how you can out-maneuver your competitors. Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download the “Competitive Analysis Pack.” The post Find opportunities to win in your market with this free competitive analysis template appeared first on Marketing Land . via Marketing Land

Robots.txt best practice guide + examples

The robots.txt file is an often overlooked and sometimes forgotten part of a website and SEO. But nonetheless, a robots.txt file is an important part of any SEO’s toolset, whether or not you are just starting out in the industry or you are a chiseled SEO veteran. What is a robots.txt file? A robots.txt file can be used for for a variety of things, from letting search engines know where to go to locate your sites sitemap to telling them which pages to crawl and not crawl as well as being a great tool for managing your sites crawl budget. You might be asking yourself “ wait a minute, what is crawl budget? ” Well crawl budget is what what Google uses to effectively crawl and index your sites pages . As big a Google is, they still only have a limited number of resources available to be able to crawl and index your sites content. If your site only has a few hundred URLs then Google should be able to easily crawl and index your site’s pages. However, if your site is big, like an ecomme

Pinterest’s new head of engineering brings deep e-commerce experience

Pinterest has recruited Walmart’s former CTO Jeremy King as its new head of engineering . King will lead the team responsible for building Pinterest’s visual search engine and report to CEO Ben Silbermann. Why you should care As Pinterest closes in on an IPO date, the social network is beefing up its e-commerce chops. Adding King to the executive mix — an e-commerce technology expert who has been focused on creating “seamless shopping experiences” for companies like Walmart and eBay — should better position Pinterest to compete for social e-commerce dollars and market share. Pinterest’s focus on e-commerce could be good news for marketers who’d like to see the platform move more aggressively in this area. Recent features for retail marketers include Shopping ads and Shop the Look pins . “Not only is Jeremy a respected engineering leader, but from the moment we met him, we knew his values around putting the customer first were aligned with our own focus on Pinners. As we build prod

What marketers can do next time a major social network (ahem, Facebook) goes down

Last week, Facebook suffered the longest outage of its 15-year existence. Not only was it down for more than four hours in some areas, but so were the Facebook-owned apps Instagram and WhatsApp. During the downtime, social media managers and advertisers took to Twitter to bemoan the platform’s blackout, many not sure what to do as the outage lingered on well past any previous platform glitches. “Outages like the one from last week are rare,” said Jon Mottel, director of social strategy for the digital marketing agency Undertone, “When they do occur, they almost never last longer than a few hours.” The March 13 outage prompted David Herrmann, co-owner and advertising director for Social Outlier, to enact new guidelines around how his team manages a social campaign when a platform goes down. “As we’ve seen before with networks, typically downtime can range from a few minutes, up to an hour. Last Wednesday was very concerning,” said Herrmann, “I’ve instructed my team to start pausing

How to increase conversions: Ideas, tools, examples

Historically digital marketers are more concerned about attracting traffic to the site than boosting on-site conversions. This is unfortunate because conversion optimization usually requires smaller investments and provides faster results than growing your traffic. Here are eight ways to increase your ecommerce conversions quickly by providing better usability and smoother user experience . 1. Make your checkout process simpler The name of the game is convenience. Don’t make it difficult for the consumer to finish a purchase. The more barriers your site throws up, the more likely it is your customers will leave the cart without completing the purchase. According to BigCommerce’s 2019 Omni-Channel Retail Report , convenience is among the top 3 reasons U.S.  consumers across all generations chose to buy from an online store. When shopping online, millennials have become used to speed and convenience while younger generations have never known shopping without these. You should have

Why people are essential to B2B marketing success

If you are sci-fi film buff, Charlton Heston’s desperate plea, “Soylent Green is people!” from the classic movie (it’s dark, overwrought and partially in fun) is something today’s marketers should note. Your return on investment is dependent on people because people are essential to the modern B2B marketing strategy that actually drives real ROI. I’m launching this thread because of a combination of client observations, conversations I’ve been having with rising stars, developments in AI and recent announcements from certain tech companies regarding their own learnings about marketing’s impact on earnings and business health. It’s become clear to me that personnel challenges remain a basic, stubborn impediment still keeping many companies from making substantive, scalable marketing progress. There are two core elements at issue: How much work it takes to build sustainable performance improvement? What role people play in delivering on that? ‘ROI is people!’ If you believe, with

Reaching the elusive digitally-driven millennial consumer

Nielsen describes the millennial generation as today’s “most coveted consumer demographic from a marketer engagement perspective,” and brands and agencies are investing millions in digital advertising to reach them. Not only are millennials on pace to become the nation’s largest living adult generation in 2019, but according to the latest projections they are also wielding enormous buying power. Research shows that by this time next, millennials may spend as much as $1.4 trillion annually. These digital natives are using a wider range of devices in their daily lives and consuming digital content via an ever-expanding array of fragmented channels, presenting a significant challenge for marketers. What’s more, traditional mass market digital strategies are falling by the wayside as millennials continue to demand more authentic advertising experiences. As brand marketers seek to tap into the explosive spending power of this ascending generation there are several key challenges that mu

See What’s New at SMX Advanced!

You’ve told us that connecting with fellow attendees and expert speakers is a priority. So we’re introducing some new elements to the SMX® Advanced program. Join us June 3-5 in Seattle for… Insights Sessions (Part of the new Insights Track!) . Tactical. Specific. Actionable. Speakers are challenged to deliver the goods in a limited amount of time: One must-try tactic, one nugget of sage advice, one takeaway that makes you more productive. Have a gem to share with the audience? Pitch your idea and you may make it to the SMX stage. Advanced Clinics (Part of the new Insights Track!) . Need specific advice on Technical SEO, Advanced Social Ads, or Amazon Ads? You’re in luck. Our popular “Clinics” are coming to SMX Advanced! Clinics are full-length sessions focused entirely on answering your questions. No presentations. No PowerPoints. No pressure. Raise your hand, take the mic, and ask away in this welcoming, interactive environment. Overtime. Sessions don’t end when the allotted

Report: Facebook the top network for app-installs, Google, Apple follow

The top sites and networks for mobile app installs are, in order, Facebook, Google, Apple (Search Ads), Snap and Twitter. This changes somewhat by app category and geography but this is the hierarchy in North America according to the latest AppsFlyer  Performance Index  (registration required). Facebook #1 overall, Snap most improved. Facebook remains the top network for mobile app installs overall. It’s also the ROI leader, while Snap saw the best improvement in ROI in the non-gaming category. Google is a strong number two in the majority of categories. Apple generally follows in the third position or fourth, though not in all categories. Twitter, Snap (as mentioned) and others rank highly depending on the category: gaming vs. non-gaming, etc. The analysis is based on more than 20 billion installs during the second half of 2018. It also examined more than 11,000 apps across more than 350 media networks. Fraud is high, Facebook and Google share flat. One of the more important fin

Release Notes: Marketo adds collaboration features for email, makes AccountAI tool available to all users

Marketo’s product updates for the second quarter of 2019 include enhancements to its core platform along with the general availability of Account AI . The company also outlined a number of updates to its Marketo Sky, Sales Engage and Bizible platforms that began rolling out during the first quarter of the year and will continue to be released through the beginning of the second quarter. Core platform updates were released on March 15. All updates to other products will be rolled in the beginning of the second-quarter. More collaborative email features. The company’s Email Deliverability Powerpack includes more collaborative features, making it possible for users to flag and comment on specific email test results, share results with other team members via a URL, and track changes to an email so that all team members can view the edit history. Branded tracking links. Users who have purchased Marketo’s “Secure Domains for Tracking Links” feature will be able to display branded track