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Showing posts from April 3, 2019

Doing backlink building like a ninja: Six best techniques

As SEOs we know outreach for backlinks has to be done in order to give the websites we are working on the backlink authority it needs. With backlinks being one of the top three ranking factors (depending on which study you’re reading) there is definite value in doing outreach.Although this is made a lot harder thanks to the mysterious world of black hat SEO. Webmasters out there are savvier to the tactics of sending a generic feeling email, and on our part, it’s a lot of work for usually not much return.This is why I’ve collated a list of some of the ninja backlink outreach tactics I’ve found which work great for most sites. At the heart of most of these techniques is some good exciting content to make your website stand out, as backlinks and content work hand in hand.So let’s get going and earn our black belt in building backlinks. (Apologies, there will be a few more bad ninja related jokes in this post.)Six of the best ways to build backlinks1. Sponsoring a college or university te…

Walmart doubles down on voice grocery shopping with Google Home

Yesterday Walmart announced a simplified way for customers to order groceries using voice commands on any device that features the Google Assistant. That includes Google Home, Android devices and iPhones. The company said the capability will come to other platforms soon (read: Alexa).Update of an existing partnership. Though being treated as an entirely new announcement, this is effectively an update or modification of what was previously announced in August, 2017. At that time Walmart announced grocery reordering through Google Assistant and a partnership with Google Express for local delivery. Walmart stopped using Google Express in January of this year.Under the just-announced scenario, users initiate a shopping order by saying “OK Google, talk to Walmart.” They must first link existing Walmart accounts to their Google Home account and will be prompted to do so if they haven’t previously. Then they need select their default pick-up store, which can be done in several ways including…

eBay shuttering eBay Commerce Network, its third-party advertising network

EBay notified merchants and publishers Tuesday that it will be closing down its third-party ad network, the eBay Commerce Network (ECN), as of May 1.Why you should careAfter five years, ECN will shut down as eBay says it is turning attention to advertising solutions for the core marketplace. “As a result, we are focusing on business that complements our core marketplace and discontinuing eBay Commerce Network effective May 1st, 2019,” the company said in a statement.“For the health of the core marketplace, eBay is making a concerted effort to shift its reliance from third-party advertising to first-party advertising,” it addedIn lieu of ECN ads, merchants on eBay are encouraged to consider promoted listings, ads that appear at the top of search and product pages, and other premium ad formats on the eBay marketplace. An alternative for publishers is the the eBay Partner Network, an affiliate proposition in which content creators share links to eBay listings and get paid when they gener…