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Showing posts from April 5, 2019

Snapchat announces new features geared at creativity, collaboration, partner advertising

Snapchat parent Snap Inc. on Thursday announced a slate of new features designed to help it keep pace in a digital environment that values efficiency, revenue opportunities, and cutting-edge creativity.Why you should careMany of the new features enhance the core Snapchatter experience, but with it comes key openings for marketers and advertisers.Dynamic scanning and enhanced AR brings the Snapchat experience to life with improved movement tracking, new interactive templates via Lens Studio, landmark manipulation, and object scanning. From snapping math problems and movie posters to visualizing new perspectives on landmark locations, brands will be able to deliver targeted content in context for deeper engagement with audiences.New third-party app integrations via Snap Kit allow users on apps like Tinder, Netflix, VSCO, and GoFundme to create custom partner stories directly from Snapchat. Partner apps will be able to display Snapchat stories on their own platforms with the added option…

Adobe CMO Ann Lewnes on making big bets on digital, cloud and AI

SAN JOSE, CA — Adobe CMO Ann Lewnes took the stage as a keynote speaker at MarTech Conference Thursday morning. Lewnes has defied industry norms when it comes to short-lived CMO tenures with 13 years leading Adobe’s marketing organization.“My secret is a lot of focus on results,” said Lewnes when asked how she has been able to maintain her CMO role for more than a decade. She said everything she knows about marketing she learned while at Intel, where she worked for 20 years before coming to Adobe.What Adobe got right. Lewnes credits Adobe’s success to doubling down on digital, early on when digital marketing was still considered a fad.“Clearly, digital changed everything,” said Lewnes. As early as 2010, Adobe decided to put three-fourths of its marketing budget into digital. Lewnes said the move gave marketing legitimacy early on by helping drive measurable business results.Adobe was not only an early adopter in terms of digital marketing, the company was on the cusp of a massive tra…