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It’s about teams: How Autodesk boosted conversions, retention and trimmed its sales cycle

Saira Nazir, head of digital marketing at Autodesk, speaking at MarTech West 2019. SAN JOSE, CA — Why digitally transform? Business must go through digital transformation to win share, gain efficiency, make better decisions and delight customers, said Saira Nazir, head of digital marketing at Autodesk, at MarTech Conference Thursday.Nazir outlined three foundations of digital transformation: organizational design, data and tools and discussed how Autodesk has engaged in digital transformation to move beyond incremental KPI improvements.Organizations must evolve. “Organizational design is probably the most overlooked” of the three said Nazir. “If you update all your tools but your teams are still relating to each other and working in the same way, you will not be able to truly take advantage of the tools.”The approach — decentralized or centralized — doesn’t matter, the key is to focus on the evolution of your teams while going through digital transformation, she said.More insights from…

10 Best Email marketing Services & Software for 2019 (Compared)

Email marketing isn’t going away this year. Despite what others say (that it’s dead), it will continue to be a powerful tool for any serious business. Ads and other marketing strategies might work great, but there are some things that only a killer email marketing campaign can accomplish. For instance, being able to segment subscribers […]10 Best Email marketing Services & Software for 2019 (Compared) is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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Why brands must take a people-first approach to martech

Subbu Iyer, CMO of Riverbed, speaking at MarTech Conference 2019. SAN JOSE, CA — Brands are spending more than 16% of their budgets on technology, and yet 50% don’t believe they have the tools they need, according to a Moore Stephens poll.The real problem, said Subbu Iyer, CMO at Riverbed, in a talk at MarTech Conference Thursday, is the way brands are approaching technology. “The amount of money going into tech as a percentage of marketing budget is increasing. But if you’re looking at satisfaction it’s not there.”Many of us constantly seek out the new hot thing — the shiny object — and yet, often our marketing outcomes aren’t improving with all this new technology the way we expect.“Marketers need to ask what the purpose of the technology is – and it needs to be to serve the human experience,” said Iyer. “How can we do better evaluating technology? Think about it from a human context.”Marketers also need human-centered digital strategies. Then they can deploy technology for their own…

Freshly CMO Mayur Gupta’s unexpected path from technologist to marketer

SAN JOSE, CA — Growing up in India, Freshly CMO Mayur Gupta said it was his mother who persuaded him to begin his career as an engineer.“My mom inspired — or told me — to become an engineer,” said Gupta during his keynote session at this year’s MarTech Conference, “I listened to her and went down that path.” In the early days Gupta said he was like a hammer looking for a nail, just trying to write code as a technologist. Fast forward five years, his whole world change when he became a product lead at Sapient, moving from technology to marketing.Engineering as a mindset. Gupta says it was an incredible experience for him, moving from technology into product management and eventually into strategy while at Sapien. The fundamental shift in Gupta’s career happened when he left Sapien after twelve years and was named chief marketing technologist for Kimberly Clark.It was during his time at Kimberly Clark that he began to understand the work wasn’t just about the technology — it was about t…

Facebook’s shift to privacy is just a play on emerging market dynamics

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Facebook’s family of apps will be pivoting to privacy and focusing on enabling private, fully encrypted messaging in his seminal 3,200-word pledge for change. Interestingly, this announcement comes a year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal was first reported by the media. At first glance, skeptical critics argue that nothing will change. They’ll say that Facebook is here to monetize its experience no matter how Zuckerberg changes up the platform’s experience. Moving towards privacy-focused communications may seem like a backward play for most marketers. But, it’s not exactly a defensive move given that ephemeral messaging is already used on Instagram and end-to-end encryption is deployed on WhatsApp. The changes are coming hard and fast. And, they show that Zuckerberg is offering up a smarter, more nuanced perspective to Facebook in a new age of privatization.The platform is at an odd inflection point when it comes to communication dynamics. …

Building a marketing operations team from scratch, one year in

SAN JOSE, CA — Rachel Beck had led Cisco Meraki’s demand gen team for just over a year when she was named the global manager of marketing operations in April 2018. The newly appointed marketing ops leader was put in charge of building a team that would oversee the tools, processes and systems to power Cisco Meraki’s marketing team — something the company previously did not have.“I was spending a lot of time on things that were foundational,” said Beck of her previous role before being named global manager of marketing operations. When the CMO realized Beck was more focused on foundational issues than demand gen priorities, he knew it was time to put a marketing ops team in place.“Before the team existed, we had a queue of things to work on,” said Beck. She started by listing all the projects the team could potentially be giving time to, and of those, which ran the greatest risk of putting the company in jeopardy if they didn’t get done.“You have to access and prioritize because there …