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Planning and creating the perfect landing page

Landing pages can make or break your digital marketing. This guide from SharpSpring is written for any marketer looking to initiate or improve their landing page strategy. It will guide you through everything you need to know to allow you to create and optimize landing pages for your website.Download your copy to find out:What a landing page is and is NOT.Planning & creating the perfect landing page.Testing & optimizing: Why your landing pages are never “done.”Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “Creating Landing Pages That Convert.”The post Planning and creating the perfect landing page appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Location-based marketing: What works and what doesn’t in a campaign

Marketers continue to invest their digital dollars in mobile advertising with campaigns utilizing location data to improve their relevance and effectiveness. BIA Advisory Services shows that marketers will spend over $26 billion in 2019 on campaigns built from location-based data. However, not all geotargeting campaigns are created equal. Here’s what makes for successful location-based marketing, and pitfalls to avoid.Creating successful geotargeting campaignsThe optimum fit for location-based marketing campaigns are brands with physical locations. While seemingly obvious, we spend time answering the occasional question about why geotargeting doesn’t work in certain situations. The best fits include any retail locations, food and dining establishments, grocery stores and the list goes on. Auto dealers also benefit from geotargeting and geoconquesting campaigns given their physical presence, high-value price tag and infrequency of purchase. Reaching car shoppers during their final phas…

Parallel tracking goes live for Google Ads display campaigns May 1

After launching for search ads last year, parallel tracking is coming to Google display campaigns this week. The move for video campaigns has been postponed.What you need to know for display. Google is enabling parallel tracking for display campaigns running through Google Ads starting May 1. It first announced the launch date in February.It will be mandatory for all advertisers that append tracking parameters to their display ad URLs in Google Ads on July 31.Video campaign update. Google initially planned to launch parallel tracking for video campaigns at the same time as display, but said Friday that it is pushing the roll out to video.“We’re postponing parallel tracking for Video campaigns until later this year to give you more time to prepare. We’ll provide an update once we’ve finalized a new date,” the company said.Why you should care. Parallel tracking is designed to enable landing pages to load faster after users click your ads if you’re using third-party click measurement. It…

Bing Ads rebrands as Microsoft Advertising

First there was Microsoft adCenter. Then there was Bing Ads. Now there is Microsoft Advertising.Why we should care. The rebrand emphasizes a focus on personalization and AI. “In the next year, we’re introducing more advertising products with built-in AI, more connected to your data and your business,” Rik van der Kooi, corporate VP for Microsoft Advertising, said in a blog post Monday.It’s a bit of a back to the future move with a return to using the broader (and resurgent) Microsoft branding to signal offerings that extend beyond search inventory and search data.“It’s a simple shift because our clients and partners already know us as Microsoft, and many are already tapping into our new advertising products that go above and beyond search, such as the Microsoft Audience Network.”Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN) launched almost exactly a year ago. The AI backbone that powers Bing has given the company the “right to innovate,”David Pann, general manager of global search business at Mic…

Shopify adds new Facebook, Snapchat ad buying options from the e-commerce platform

Shopify is giving Facebook and Snapchat advertisers new ways to purchase ads through its e-commerce platform. On Monday the company announced its users will be able to create, manage and launch Facebook dynamic ad campaigns through its e-commerce solution. Shopify is also launching new integrations with Snapchat, making it possible for clients to create Story Ads campaigns via a Snapchat Ads App from Shopify.Facebook dynamic ads through Shopify. In addition to Carousel ad campaigns that were already available via Shopify’s platform, Facebook advertisers will now be able to launch dynamic ads via their Shopify accounts starting this week.“With Facebook’s dynamic ads, merchants can simply set their campaign goals and the right products will be surfaced to the right customers through Facebook’s platform, while syncing with Shopify for updated pricing and product availability,” said Shopify.Snapchat Ads integrations. Snapchat advertisers using Shopify will now have a Snapchat Ads App that…

Screening the screenless: Marketing’s next frontier

I’ve caught myself a few times in recent weeks – sitting at my desk and flipping between looking at my computer screen and my phone in hand. Across the office, television news runs on mute. It’s hard to avoid screens in today’s age, and even harder to avoid their constant, almost gravitational pull for our attention.On my commute home, though, I avoid screens. I throw my phone in my duffel bag and listen to podcasts and articles as a way to decompress while staying up to date on the latest news. Ironically, I recently listened to a story by New York Times writer Farhad Manjoo, titled “I Didn’t Write This Column. I Spoke It.” The column, which was originally dictated to a smartphone, details a trend that I was already taking part in, but didn’t realize: we’re moving away from screens. It may still be unconscious for most of us, but it’s happening nonetheless — whether we’re asking Alexa about the weather, having Siri set us a reminder, or listening to an audiobook.Screens are simply a …