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What To Do For Battery Boost on Laptop and Maximize Backup Time Without Charging

Battery backup is more of a concern in mobile devices and even Laptops too. This become more critical when you carry it out at schools or work most of the time. And question arises how can you maximize battery backup and last as long as it used to when it was new.Here are some tips to boost battery of laptop and increase backup time and last longer without AC charging more often.1. Setting Screen BrightnessDisplay takes up most of the battery power so, unless working outside in sunlight, brightness should be extreme low (0%). This can be lowered from Power options in Control Panel or laptops come with function key to do that.Try to Turn of Laptop LCD Screen while listening songs or when away from Notebook.2. Kill Useless Windows ProcessesNot exactly useless but some programs start with windows and use Computer Processor. These are often used and not always. For example: On my Laptop, I noticed programs like Skype, Dropbox and Google Drive starting up without need. They keep using Proc…