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Using IF functions on Google Ads to improve productivity

Back in the days when I was learning PPC, one of the two biggest growing pains I had were:Learning the difference between segmenting campaigns out to maximize efficiencyReaching the point where the juice is no longer worth the squeezeRather than creating clutter and a burdensome account to manage, I’ve since learned to make use of everything I can to speed up my workflow and free up bandwidth to focus on things that actually make a difference.IF functions are a versatile means to tailor your ads to users in real time, using either the type of device they’re browsing on or the audience segment they belong to as signals to serve up specialized ad copy. The right message at the right time can make all the difference between a conversion or another bounced visitor. Search marketing is rapidly moving towards heavy automation and personalization, so IF functions are helpful because they’re a simple way to keep your seat at the table.Setting up IF functionsThe process of setting up IF Functi…

Turns out some groups axed by Facebook for content violations were actually hacked

A Reddit thread on Wednesday called attention to many Facebook Groups’ privacy settings being changed to “secret.” The post generated more than 450 comments, with rumors that many Groups had been attacked by a spammer posting violating content that resulted in the Groups being removed by Facebook. Group admins were doing their best to avoid the issue to by switching their Group’s privacy settings to “secret.”A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to Marketing Land that it had, in fact, mistakenly taken down a number of Facebook Groups, but was working to resolve the issue.“We removed several Groups from Facebook after detecting content that violated our policies. We since discovered that this content was posted to sabotage legitimate, non-violating Groups. We’re working to restore any Groups affected and to prevent this from happening again,” said a Facebook spokesperson.Why we should careAny marketers who are managing a Group as part of their Facebook strategy need to review content withi…

How strict privacy laws can inform a marketer’s approach to email

The debate around federal privacy laws and regulations has reached a fever pitch as consumers grow increasingly concerned about their privacy. States such as California are enacting strict and robust privacy laws on a local level.As such, more thought is being placed into what a federal privacy law would look like and just how (and how much) it would protect consumers. A good source of inspiration for determining the appropriate approach to protecting your brand and your customers could be complying with the strictest policies. Not only is this a preemptive means of avoiding trouble but, more importantly, it will create the best and most trusted experience for your customers.The top-down approachIt should come as no surprise that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the strictest privacy regulation in force across the European Union. The fact that it covers such massive markets like the UK, Germany, France and the rest of the EU means that you can’t ignore it. The who in “…