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SEMrush expands to Amazon with Sellerly for product page testing

SEMrush is a popular competitive intelligence platform used by search marketers. The company, recently infused with $40 million in funding to expand beyond Google, Bing and Yahoo insights, has launched a new product called Sellerly specifically for Amazon sellers.What is Sellerly? Announced Monday, Sellerly designed to give Amazon sellers the ability to split test product detail pages.“By introducing Sellerly as a seller’s buddy in Amazon marketing, we hope to improve hundreds of existing Amazon sellers’ strategies,”said SEMrush Chief Strategy Officer Eugene Levin in a statement. “Sellerly split testing is only the first step here. We’ve already started to build a community around the new product, which is very important to us. We believe that by combining feedback from users with our leading technology and 10 years of SEO software experience, we will be able to build something truly exceptional for Amazon sellers.”How does it work? Sellerly is currently free to use. Amazon sellers co…

2019 Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising Outlook

It’s hardly a secret that marketing executives of all types are using more data. Data is more powerful than ever, driving decision-making and informing strategy.For the third consecutive year, Dun & Bradstreet has partnered with Adweek to gain a deeper understanding of how B2B brands are approaching data-driven marketing. From its impact on ABM to programmatic, the 2019 Marketing & Advertising Outlook shines a light on today’s biggest challenges. Read this report to find out:How B2B marketers are using technology in their marketing stacks.The most crucial marketing and advertising priorities for 2019.How data is impacting ABM and the state of programmatic advertising.The differences between how B2B brands and agencies use data.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “2019 Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising Outlook from Dun & Bradstreet.”The post 2019 Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising Outlook appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Be smart, advertisers. Here’s how to approach rising Google brand CPC

Branded keywords, or keywords that include the name of the advertiser bidding on those keywords, have long been a source of controversy in the paid search industry. For years, many paid search managers grouped these keywords into reports that reflected total account performance.This tends to overinflate the value of paid search campaigns since most brand queries are navigational and reflect a user that is already intent on buying from the brand searched for. As such, brand conversion rate is typically significantly higher than that of non-brand traffic and high brand return on ad spend (ROAS) can cover up underperforming non-brand campaigns.These days, most advertisers are hip to the fact that they should be looking at brand and non-brand performance separately. However, there have been a lot of changes over time that might impact an advertiser’s brand keyword strategy, starting with a significant increase in the price of these keywords over the years.The price of brand keywords ain’t…

Salesforce’s Pardot went down for 15 hours, exposing data in the cloud

Last Friday’s Salesforce outage meant work came to a halt for thousands of marketing and sales users locked out of Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.The outage, reportedly caused by a faulty Pardot database script, was prompted by reports that users were able to see and edit all of their company’s data, regardless of their permission settings. Salesforce quickly responded by cutting off access to current and past Pardot customers as it worked to resolve the faulty script.“As a result, customers who were not affected may have also experienced service disruption, including customers using Marketing Cloud integrations,” a Salesforce spokesperson said in a statement. Salesforce and Pardot have not responded to Marketing Land’s request to comment on the outage and remediation plan.Why we should careProductivity all but stopped for many organizations that rely on Salesforce for their sales and marketing efforts. If you couldn’t access any of your analytics, content, data, contacts, how …

Search Engine Land Awards 2019 Finalists announced: Full list

We are excited to announce this year’s list of finalists for the 2019 Search Engine Land Awards.We received hundreds of submissions, and our slate of expert judges was blown away by the levels of sophistication exhibited by the applicants. The agencies, in-house teams and individuals who entered showed off some of the best strategies in search marketing today.The competition was tight, which meant some great work did not make it to the finalist round. But thank you to all who entered.Here are the 2019 finalists for each category in alphabetical order:Best Local Search Marketing Initiative – SEODAGMAR Marketing, Inc.Ignite VisibilityinSegmentPath InteractiveWpromoteBest Local Search Marketing Initiative – Digital AgencyAdwise – Your Digital BrainBloofusion GermanyRise InteractiveWpromoteBest B2B Search Marketing Initiative – SEOLegalVisionMerkleNina HalePath InteractiveVictoriousBest B2B Search Marketing Initiative – SEMAIS MediaMetric TheoryMetric TheoryMilliporeSigmaSEMby…

Seven reasons why your rankings dropped and how to fix them

Do you know the triumph when your content finally hits the first page of Google and attracts significant traffic? Unfortunately, nobody is safe from a sudden drop in rankings. The thing is that the reasons for it may be different and not obvious at all.In this post, you’ll discover what could cause a sudden drop in traffic and how to fix the issue.The tip of an icebergUnfortunately, there’s no one size fits all decision, when it comes to SEO. When you face the drop in your rankings or traffic, it’s just the tip of an iceberg. So, get ready to check lots of issues, before you identify the problem.Note: Percentages assigned in the above graph are derived from personal observation.I’ve illustrated the most common reasons for a plummet. Start from checking these parameters to find out how you can recover your rankings and drive traffic to your website.Algorithms testFirst of all, check the SERP. What if it’s not only your website that changed its positions in search results? These sharp s…

As CCPA deadline approaches, only 14% of enterprises fully compliant so far

A new survey has found that only 14% of companies subject to looming California Consumer Privacy Act regulation consider themselves fully compliant, yet the majority (84%) said they had started the compliance process and 56% said they were in the process of implementation.TrustArc, the company behind TRUSTe certification, commissioned a survey of IT and legal professionals at 250 companies from a range of industries. Half of the firms were impacted by GDPR and CCPA, while 50% were only subject to CCPA.What’s also interesting is asked how much they expected to spend on CCPA compliance, 71% of respondents said their spending would exceed $100,000; 39% said it would be more than $500,000 and 19% said it would be more than $1 million. The top areas of investment were technology and tools (72%), consultants (61%), lawyers (55%) and internal hiring (45%).This week marks the one-year anniversary of GDPR, which is increasingly the model for data privacy laws around the world. In California, t…

5 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins: Hands-On Comparison

No matter what your WordPress website is about, you need a contact form so that your visitors can get in touch with you. To help you add a contact form to your site, I’ve gone hands-on with 5 different WordPress contact form plugins. From simple plugins for basic contact forms to more advanced plugins that […]5 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins: Hands-On Comparison is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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