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Showing posts from May 25, 2019

GDPR: A ‘Y2K’ moment or a sea change for the digital ecosystem?

There was a lot of hand wringing leading up to last May’s implementation of GDPR. But since that time there have been few fines or enforcement actions, with the notable exception of a $57 million fine imposed on Google and a new investigation in Ireland. This raises the question: is GDPR is the current digital generation’s “Y2K” moment — a highly anticipated event with little real-world impact.Limited impact on consumersFrom a consumer standpoint, GDPR has had not had a significant effect on people’s daily lives. According to survey data from TrustArc and Ipsos, 66% of more than 2,000 UK consumers said they didn’t know or disagreed with the idea that GDPR been effective. And only a tiny minority had exercised any of their personal data rights under GDPR.Another UK-based survey from BounceX found that while 71% of UK consumers were familiar with the term GDPR and 56% supported the regulation, most consumers had not changed their online activities in its wake. Further, a global survey f…

Roku’s new Activation Insights tool targets viewers who have shifted to streaming

In a bid to entice digital TV marketers with more value and advertising opportunities, Roku introduced a new tool this week dubbed Activation Insights. The tool is designed to compare linear TV ads with potential OTT campaigns, giving advertisers visibility into the potential audiences they could be reaching on the streaming platform.“Smart marketers are significantly increasing investments in OTT to reflect the dramatic shift to streaming,” said Scott Rosenberg,  SVP and GM of Roku’s Platform business. “By adding the ability to tie advertising performance on linear with a specific audience that advertisers can gain on OTT, we are addressing a long-standing industry challenge for OTT media planning.”Why we should careWith the streaming landscape becoming increasingly fragmented as OTT platforms strive to keep pace with linear TV, digital marketing budgets are getting caught in the crossfire. Rosenberg said, “We believe it’s no longer a question of when advertising budgets will shift t…