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Your new secret weapon for better and robust analytics

Having data is no longer a problem these days. There are myriad tools that measure countless metrics out there.According to Copyblogger, Google Analytics alone has over 150 default metrics, which can be explored with over 100 dimensions. And that’s excluding advanced functions. If we are being honest, that’s overkill for most people.What on earth can you do with all those stats? Truth be told, all they give you is a migraine because they’re complicated to track, let alone analyze.Here’s the thing. Marketers are choking under an avalanche of data. The real challenge today is sifting through the bazillion metrics and boiling them down to essential ROI-based numbers. What if I told you there’s a tool that cuts through all the data noise, ignores vanity metrics, and focuses on numbers that matter?Enter Finteza, an exciting new tool in the martech space.Finteza is an advanced comprehensive analytics tool that tracks and analyzes traffic, funnels, conversions, landing pages, and advertising…