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Showing posts from June 20, 2019

Shopify launches machine learning powered network for US merchants

This week, Canadian e-commerce platform Shopify launched its brand new Shopify Fulfillment Network for US-based merchants. The new network uses Shopify’s machine learning-driven smart inventory allocation technology to determine the closest and most efficient fulfillment centers for your business. Why we should careFor SMBs being edged out by giants like Amazon, accessibility to an inventory fulfillment network — and the integrated technologies — could play a key role in helping small businesses stay competitive and allow them to grow.According to Shopify, the new system does not require advanced technical skills. Thanks to this, the system can be used by busy digital marketers operating with limited resources to market products and drive e-commerce sales.More on the newsShopify is working with fulfillment partners in Nevada, California, Texas, Georgia, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania.Shopify also announced upgrades to its Shopify Plus experience.Shopify is also launching a new Shop…

Five easy SEO strategies: Increase search engine rankings and gain qualified customers

Understanding how search engines rank websites and applying simple nontechnical SEO strategies will lead to increased traffic from qualified customers.Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique used to assure that customers searching for a product or service can easily find a company’s website on search engines such as Google. Just as a physical location is essential for brick-and-mortar stores, search engine rankings are essential in driving walk-in traffic to a website.How potential or qualified customers find websites for a product or service1. Direct trafficA user finds a website by typing the web address directly into a browser or by clicking on a bookmark or an email link. These are typically customers that are familiar with the company and are maybe repeat visitors.2. ReferralsUsers are directed to websites by clicking on a link from another website. For example, linking from a Facebook page to a corporate website would produce referral traffic. Ideally, referrals will be …

Successful teams attend SMX East

Unify, inspire, train, and reward your marketing team for a job well done in 2019: Send them to Search Engine Land’s SMX® East, November 13-14 in New York City.This show will deliver more sessions, more insights, and more actionable tactics than ever before: seven tracks with more than 70 sessions and keynotes covering all search marketing essentials: SEO, SEM, CRO, analytics, social, local, tools, and beyond. Attend as a team to divide and conquer the entire program — you’ll dig deeper, train harder, and bring home more knowledge than you would on your own.Teams that come to SMX don’t just learn more about search. They learn more about what it takes to succeed:Productive Collaboration. Executing successful marketing campaigns requires blending different skills, experiences, and backgrounds. Attending together will equip your team with a common vocabulary and vision of success. Connecting the dots between organic and paid search, content, and cross-channel attribution will become seco…