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Making the case for more non-brand funding in paid search

When you’ve worked in paid search for as long as I have, you’ve undoubtedly received emails from your clients that all go a little something like the one given below.Hi [insert your name here],Revenue is looking a little lighter than usual this month versus last year. What can we do to close the gap? Please let me know by EOD today.Thanks,[insert client name here]Short, sweet, and oh-so-stressful, or at least it used to be. But now? Well, this isn’t your first rodeo, my fellow PPC partner, you’re prepared. Placed firmly in your holster is a solution that’s fully loaded. Ok, enough with the quick draw metaphors, let’s dig into how to respond, assuming the following criteria are being met:You can confirm the trends your client is seeing.Brand checks out (since it accounts for the majority of your revenue at any given moment): Brand terms are maxed out aka meeting or exceeding a certain impression share threshold.You are serving against the same brand terms as last year, but if not they …