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Google announces changes to environment, position targeting settings in DV360

In an effort to provide advertisers with more accurate and granular ad targeting options in Display & Video 360, Google will be launching a revamped experience for environment and position targeting settings on August 26, 2019.The changeswill include updated targeting settings when creating or editing items individually or in bulk, updated dimensions in Reporting and a new version of Structured Data Files (SDF) to support the targeting overhaul.While the same targeting options will continue to exist, they will appear with the new targeting controls come August.By August 26, advertisers running campaigns in DV360 can expect to see the following:Updated environment targeting will be focused on web- or app-serving environments. The device- and position-related options will be relocated from environment targeting to a different targeting control panel.A new position targeting setting will group togetherall controls related to an ad’s position on a screen or in content in a new positio…