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Prime Day content drives email engagement for Amazon’s competition

Amazon’s annual Prime Day is almost upon us, and last year’s event generated more than $4 billion in sales, according to Internet Retailer. How can your brand capitalize on the hype and excitement of one of the year’s biggest shopping days and compete with the retail giant? Your email marketing — right down to your subject lines — could play a key role in generating revenue this month.Prime Day subject lines prompt higher open ratesAccording to research from Yes Marketing, e-commerce brands who sent emails to their subscribers during last year’s Amazon Prime Day saw an enormous lift in their open rates — especially those who used the words “Prime Day” in their email subject lines. Open rates soared up to 47% higher than the average of other top-performing holiday-themed email campaigns sent the previous quarter. Across all e-commerce emails (regardless of subject line or theme), open rates were 43% higher than all emails sent in Q3 2018.But it wasn’t only e-commerce marketers who saw …

Six HTTP status codes most critical to your SEO success

HTTP is the standard protocol defining how information passes between your visitor’s browser and the server hosting your site and HTTP status codes are your handy way of knowing exactly what is happening within that process.For web marketers, it’s well worth the effort to get familiar with these status codes. By understanding your site’s backend activity you can recognize errors that demand attention and find opportunities to help improve (or at least not hinder) your SEO efforts.A quick HTTP status code overviewHTTP status codes are three-digit numbers. The first number indicates which of the five categories each belongs to. The categories refer to either a type of request or type of error, as follows:1xx status codes: Information requestStatus codes beginning with a “1” communicate that a server is processing information, but has not yet completed the request.2xx status codes: Success These status codes indicate that a requested information transfer was successfully completed. For m…