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Showing posts from July 12, 2019

Recent funding news indicates increased need for data compliance management

The past year has brought on an enormous shift for digital marketers and organizations. In the wake of GDPR —  and with CCPA going into effect in less than six months — data privacy compliance has become a focal point for organizations across the globe.Data privacy compliance firm OneTrust announced that it has closed an impressive $200 million Series A investment from Insight Partners in its latest round of funding — bringing the valuation of the platform to $1.3 billion. The multi-million dollar investment demonstrates the mounting priority businesses are placing on operationalizing privacy compliance.“It’s been an exciting three years at OneTrust, with our customers partnering with us to define and build the most widely used technology platform in a completely new market,” said Karbir Barday, CEO and fellow of information privacy at OneTrust. “This investment will help us to bring a new level of scale and support for our customers, coming at a timely juncture with just six months b…

How to grab featured snippet rankings with zero link building effort

Featured snippets, also known as “position zero” placements on Google, have been receiving their fair share of glory and blame lately. While some big corporations like Forbes went ahead and questioned if Google is stealing traffic with the featured snippet, content creators like me have found it easy to get more traffic, thanks to being able to rank small sites on a featured snippet.This post will give you a brief idea on how you can rank a page on Google’s featured snippet — without building any links to that page.Understand the typesThere are three major types of featured snippets that you can go for. As most of our clients are bloggers, we tend to go for either the paragraph snippets or the list snippets. Table snippet is another popular one that you can target.Here’s a quick graph from Ahrefs about the snippet type and their percentages.Targeting the right keywordsOnce you finalize the type of snippet that you would want to go for, it is time to dig deep into your keyword research

NinthDecimal Introduces Multi-Touch Attribution for Offline Store Visits

Location intelligence company NinthDecimal is rolling out what it calls “the industry’s first multi-touch attribution (MTA) solution for foot traffic measurement.” The approach takes a more holistic look at different consumer touchpoints and how they impact offline store visitation.NinthDecimal President David Staas says the company already has “200 customers running live with 500 different campaigns” and that there has been a very positive response from brands and agencies. Staas characterizes the MTA approach as “a fundamental rethinking of foot-traffic measurement.”Next-gen location analytics. The company sees MTA as the next evolution of campaign measurement and analytics. It differs from “traditional” multi-touch approaches in its relative simplicity (quick set-up) and offline measurement capability.NinthDecimal also says it’s the only multi-touch offering among the company’s location-intelligence/location analytics competitive peers, which include Foursquare/Placed, PlaceIQ, Gro…