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How to Copy Draft Emails in Gmail

You have composed a draft email inside Gmail and would like to send the same message to multiple people, but separately. The subject, the email body, the attachments are common and the only thing that differs between each message is the recipient’s email address.Maybe you are sending your résumé to multiple companies. How can you do this without having to copy-paste the subject and body of the draft message multiple times?Create Duplicate Email Messages in GmailWhen you compose a draft email in Gmail and hit the Send button, the email is automatically removed from the Drafts folder and moved to the Sent Items folder.There are however two easy ways to create duplicate draft emails inside Gmail. You can either use Mail Merge for Gmail or, if you are looking for a more simple one-click option, use the Duplicate Drafts feature available inside Email Studio.Here’s how to get started.Open your Gmail mailbox, compose a new email message and save it as a draft. You can attach files, embed inl…

FTC slaps Facebook with long-awaited $5 billion fine for privacy violations

Anticipated for months, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) voted today to fine Facebook a record $5 billion for apparent violations of a 2011 consent decree that required the company to better protect user privacy. This is according to reports in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and AP. The commission voted 3-2, reportedly with the two Democrats voting against according to the New York Times’ report.Fines and supervision. In addition to the fine, “Facebook agreed to more comprehensive oversight of how it handles user data . . . But none of the conditions in the settlement will restrict Facebook’s ability to collect and share data with third parties,” the Times says. “And that decision appeared to split the five-member commission. The two Democrats who voted against the deal sought stricter limits on the company, the people [familiar with the proceeding] said.”Triggered by the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the FTC investigated Facebook for more more than a year before deciding to…