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Showing posts from July 16, 2019

Nestlé, McDonald’s, Virgin Media first to test JICWEBS blockchain solution for digital ad spend transparency

Nestlé, McDonald’s and Virgin Media have signed on to be part of a pilot program by JICWEBS to test whether or not blockchain technology can accurately deliver “end-to-end supply chain transparency and clarity” on digital ad spend.“Blockchain is a new technology being tested in many diverse industries. It’s great to be one of the first brands to gain insight into it potential in programmatic,” said Nestlé’s Head of Media Communications Steven Pollack.Why we should careThe digital advertising industry has suffered from transparency challenges since its start. From programmatic ad fraud to brand safety issues, programmatic ad buyers are left to trust a network of ad tech vendors and platforms that is difficult to track with limited oversight.By implementing a blockchain — or distributed ledger technology (DTS) — JICWEBS aims to solve the most rampant challenges within the digital ad industry.“This technology offers us the opportunity to see a truly transparent picture of our investment …

Delete your pages and rank higher in search – Index bloat and technical optimization 2019

If you’re looking for a way to optimize your site for technical SEO and rank better, consider deleting your pages.I know, crazy, right? But hear me out.We all know Google can be slow to index content, especially on new websites. But occasionally, it can aggressively index anything and everything it can get its robot hands on whether you want it or not. This can cause terrible headaches, hours of clean up, and subsequent maintenance, especially on large sites and/or ecommerce sites.Our job as search engine optimization experts is to make sure Google and other search engines can first find our content so that they can then understand it, index it, and rank it appropriately. When we have an excess of indexed pages, we are not being clear with how we want search engines to treat our pages. As a result, they take whatever action they deem best which sometimes translates to indexing more pages than needed.Before you know it, you’re dealing with index bloat.What is the index bloat?Put simply…

Here’s another sneak peek at the SMX East agenda

I’m checking in with an update from the Search Engine Land editors: They’re wrapping up the SMX® East agenda. It’s going to be bigger and better than ever — 70+ in-depth sessions on SEO, SEM, search for multi-location brands, agency operations, conversion optimization, paid social, content marketing, voice search, and so much more.I’ll be able to share the final agenda very soon, but until then… here’s another sneak peek at what’s in store:Tactic-Rich Search Marketing SessionsLast week, I revealed nine of the deep dive sessions coming to NYC November 13-14. Here’s nine more to whet your appetite…A Deep Dive on Google My BusinessClarifying The Murky Waters Of AttributionConversion Optimization For The Long RunFuture Directions For Local SearchGearing Up For The Conversational WebGoogle Posts, Google Q&A & GMB InsightsHarnessing The Power Of Online ReviewsTackling The Challenges Of Enterprise SEOThe New Google ShoppingNotice any trends? This year’s agenda will feature new conten…