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Showing posts from July 22, 2019

Following its $5 billion Facebook fine, the FTC penalizes YouTube and Equifax

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been busy lately. The agency followed up its recent $5 billion Facebook fine with two new settlements last week and this morning, with YouTube and credit reporting agency Equifax.YouTube fine about kids and data collection. According to a report last week in The Washington Post Google and the FTC have agreed to a settlement of an investigation into whether YouTube improperly collected children’s data in violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA). The settlement will reportedly include a “multimillion-dollar fine. It’s not clear, however, whether there will be any changes to YouTube’s treatment of videos directed at kids or related data collection practices.The fine — in the millions, not billions — is likely to have a marginal if any impact on Google, which reports earrings later this week. Investors are much more focused on the company’s ad-revenue growth than on monetary penalties from regulators. Investors have alr…

Converting custom: Using analytics to optimize sales funnels

Sales funnels form the backbone of just about every company you’ll make a purchase from today, tomorrow, or all year round.For many business owners, the term “sales funnel”, otherwise known as “conversion funnel”, can sound much like self-important corporate jargon – an affectation that makes the process of selling products seem like brain surgery.The good news is that if you’re already selling goods or services online, then you already have a sales funnel in place. Easy! Right? Well, there’s a significant difference between having a funnel for customer conversions and utilizing your website in a way that actively drives sales.Fundamentally, a sales funnel is a term that helps you to visualize and understand how a visitor flows from your landing page into the other side of your checkout page – converting themselves into a fully-fledged customer in the process. The reason the word “funnel” is used to describe the process is that you’re aiming to guide prospective customers from your la…