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Choosing a marketing automation platform

The proliferation of digital channels and devices can make it difficult for B2B marketers to accurately target prospects with the right messages, on the right devices, at the right times. Faced with these challenging market dynamics and increasing ROI pressure, B2B marketers at companies of all sizes can gain benefits from a marketing automation platform.MarTech Today’s “B2B Marketing Automation Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide” examines the market for B2B marketing automation software platforms and the considerations involved in implementing this software in your business. This 48-page report is your source for the latest trends, opportunities and challenges facing the market for B2B marketing automation software tools as seen by industry leaders, vendors and their customers.Also included in the report are profiles of the 14 leading marketing automation vendors, pricing information, capabilities comparisons and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing.If you are a marketer lookin…

Be a clown, advertiser

I contemplated the theme for this mid-summer article while I was prepping my beach reading list, looking for easy, engaging and entertaining material to replenish my brain while my body rests waterside. This is important work for me as research has proven that we need to take mental-breaks to avoid the pitfalls of over-thinking. Thinking too much, it seems, makes us dumber and less productive.Over-thinking advertising can also make brands dumber and their communications less effective. We know from behavioral science that people appreciate stimuli that are easily processed by the brain, yet we too often ask consumers to decode complex messages. Top-of-mind awareness (which drives salience) is arguably the most important role of advertising, yet we too often distract audiences by packing in too much information; breaking-through the ad-clutter to even get noticed is harder than ever, yet we too often fail to offer consumers anything worth paying attention to.In the spirit of summer rea…

Two simple behavioral levers to improve your link building efforts

Link building is hard. Anyone who says otherwise has either not done much of it, or they’re trying to sell you a course.To make it even harder, there are a million supposed link building hacks and tactics on the web – and most of them are pretty bad. A quick Google search will net you a treasure trove of stale email templates and tactics like link reclamation that either trick you into believing them because they rank well in search, or make you wonder why articles like that don’t have an expiration date.When it comes down to brass tacks, there are really only two broad strategies for increasing your link building effectiveness, both of which come from a framework using BJ Fogg’s behavior model:Increase motivation (make them want to link to you more) orDecrease friction (make it easier for them to link to you)Link building is a critical part of SEO, whether your website is small or large.Here’s how you can use BJ Fogg’s framework to really improve your link building strategies – despi…