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Showing posts from July 30, 2019

250ok adds email validation feature

Email analytics and deliverability platform 250ok released a new addition to its email optimization toolset: email validation capabilities. 250ok Validation and help marketers identify active, valid email addresses on their lists.Related:This is why marketers must take email deliverability seriouslyIn testing 250ok Validation, against competing validations tools, 250ok discovered data suggesting other vendors are underreporting valid addresses, leading marketers to misclassify them as undeliverable. This leaves marketers at risk of suppressing misidentified subscribers from their campaigns. The outcomes of this could range from a decrease in open rates and engagements to a gradual decrease in marketing ROI.Why we should careThe email marketing process doesn’t end once an email is sent; we need to track and analyze performance in order to improve future campaigns or practices. One of the most frustrating things about email metrics, however, is that most email service providers (ESPs) p…

Could hands-free smartphones change how consumers interact with brands?

Google revealed a number of Pixel 4 features Monday, including facial recognition and hands-free controls thanks to Google’s Soli project. In a blog post, Google detailed how Pixel 4 owners will be able to use Motion Sense to execute commands like skipping songs and snoozing alarms by waving their hand. The blog post implied that this is only the beginning of Motion Sense, and that we can expect to see updates to new Pixel releases in the future. It also described its new approach to facial recognition technology, data privacy and security.Why we should careWe’ve all witnessed and experienced how new and emerging technologies influence consumer behavior; from liking posts on social networks to how we interact with brands across digital properties, the past decade has seen a tremendous shift in how technology drives consumers.The Pixel 4’s Motion Sense feature uses a miniature radar located on the phone that will sense when its owner is nearby and be able to recognize hand gestures. If…