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Effective Amazon PPC Management: How to get the most of a limited budget

To be honest, paid search marketing is not a child’s play. Although its compelling benefits cannot be overemphasized, just like SEO, it has its own portion of disadvantages. With no shortage of traffic, Amazon is no doubt a sure place to invest in paid search marketing. According to the research on the “most popular ecommerce websites in the U.S. as of December 2017”, Amazon ranked first with the  average monthly users of about 197 million . Source: Statista Technically, you can still cut your own share of the cake even with a limited budget, provided you’re working with the right blueprint. Of course, there are several methods of optimizing Amazon PPC , but here are blueprints on how to get the most out of it with a limited budget. 1. Focus on searchers’ intent and relevance Source: Amazon Focusing on your searchers intent and keywords that are relevant to the ad copy you serve is not just a strategy that will help you get the most out of Amazon PPC, but also a tactic to save

SugarCRM introduces new capabilities for CX applications

CRM provider SugarCRM has announced an extensive list of new capabilities for customer support agents with the release of Sugar Serve. According to SugarCRM, Sugar Serve will create an integrated experience for customer support agents as they work with customers, helping to improve the customer experience. Why we should care Customer support agents are typically standing on the front lines when it comes to helping our customers. But agents who aren’t provided the necessary customer data during their interactions often struggle to resolve issues in a timely manner, resulting in poor customer experiences. Sugar Serve’s Service Console brings the necessary data points for the agent into a single console to easily view during the interaction. The data points, determined by the SLA, include the customer’s information, account activity history and case details and help the agent determine the next best action based on this information. “This introduced extensive new capabilities for cus

Where do you sit on the “martech is marketing” spectrum?

Customer expectations continue to rise. Senior-level marketers like you depend on marketing technology to meet and exceed those demands. As a result, the distinction between marketing and technology is… gone . Marketing is now a digital profession that is indistinguishably intertwined with and supported by marketing technology. In truth: Martech is marketing. Bold statement? You bet. But the reality is that martech at all organizations is somewhere on the continuum from “helpful assistance” to “total domination”. (Case in point: McDonald’s .) I’m curious: Where does your organization fit into this spectrum? Click here to find out . If you agree that “martech is marketing,” join me and 2,000 senior-level marketers at The MarTech Conference, this September 16-18 in Boston. You’ll access 55+ expert-led sessions loaded with creative, real-world, vendor-agnostic solutions and actionable tactics for overcoming sticky marketing challenges. Ready to register? Pick your ideal pass and

NCS launches AI service to optimize for offline incremental sales in CPG digital campaigns

CPG-focused ad metrics agency Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) announced on Thursday the launch of Sales Lift Metrics, a new in-flight campaign optimization service. Driven by AI and machine learning technology, Sales Lift Metrics aims to deliver weekly incremental sales metrics that advertisers can use to inform and enhance campaign outcomes while they’re still active. For programmatic campaigns, NCS said the service can help buyers optimize ad spend by tapping into real-time incremental sales metrics, allowing advertisers to dial-up or dial-down spend accordingly.   “CPG advertisers face urgent demands to reduce budget waste and optimize for sales outcomes,” said NCS EVP of strategy, Carl Spaulding. “Until now, their only options to improve results were to make changes post-campaign or rely on in-flight media performance metrics not directly related to offline sales. But with this innovative solution, advertisers can tap into near real-time insights and refine campaigns in-flight