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How to master LinkedIn’s algorithm to boost engagement

LinkedIn can be a very engaging channel, especially for B2B brands. Here’s everything you need to know about the recent changes in the algorithm and how to create engaging content.LinkedIn has turned into the number one platform for professionals and B2B brands. It’s been a social media platform with a consistent mission and it is attracting millions of people and brands who want to focus on professional relationship building.Just a few months ago, Microsoft announced that there has been ‘record levels of engagement’ on LinkedIn seeing a Q1 growth of 24% for on-platform sessions. It’s not surprising then that more brands are investing time in updating their LinkedIn strategy over the last few years.A good way to understand how LinkedIn works and how to improve your engagement is to look at their algorithm and their recent updates.Understanding LinkedIn’s algorithmLinkedIn has recently updated their algorithm that decides what shows up on our feeds. We might be talking more about Faceb…