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Showing posts from August 8, 2019

Salesforce enters agreement to acquire ClickSoftware

Salesforce announced that is has signed a definitive agreement for another $1 billion+ acquisition, just days after finalizing the terms of its massive $15.7 billion deal with Tableau.Under the terms of the agreement, Salesforce will acquire service management solution provider ClickSoftware for approximately $1.35 billion. ClickSoftware, headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts and Petah Tikva, Israel, is expected to come under Salesforce’s Service Cloud umbrella.Why we should careClickSoftware customers use the software to schedule and manage mobile and in-house field service work. Customer and field service is a top priority for many companies, especially as consumer expectations are shifting to expect timely, personalized service.Bringing ClickSoftware under the Service Cloud could help customer service and field agents in their interactions with customers, allowing them to update customer records on-the-go for logistics, sales and marketing.A customer account team could have vi…

Five steps to deliver better technical SEO services to your clients

Taking control of a site’s technical SEO is both an art and a science. Take it from me — a content strategist guy at heart — technical SEO requires a balance of knowledge, diligence, and grit to be proficient. And for many, it can feel both daunting and complicated undertaking such technical matters.But as code-heavy and cumbersome as technical SEO may seem, grasping its core concepts are closely within reach for most search marketers. Yes, it helps to have HTML chops or a developer on hand to help implement scripts and such. However the idea of delivering top-tier technical SEO services shouldn’t feel as intimidating as it is for most agencies and consultants.To help dial-in the technical side of your SEO services, I’ve shared five places to start. These steps reflect the 80/20 of technical SEO, and much of what I have adopted from my code-savvy colleagues over the past decade.1. Verify Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Search Console; define conversionsIf you maintain any ongoing S…

How agencies can better engage with clients using agile

Agencies are faced with a growing challenge – many of their corporate clients are transforming to agile and the ways they’ve always worked together needs to change, but how?I’ve seen corporate marketing departments embark on their agile transformation journey, but they forget to tell their agency partners about the change. The agency becomes the last to know and it causes tremendous strain to the relationship.The agency/client relationship needs to be re-defined when implementing an agile practice. Before you make the same mistakes that many of my clients have, here are some early conversations you can have.Contracts need to be flexibleA traditional agency/client contract is very detailed in its scope of work. An agile team needs the ability to pivot quickly based on customer responses and if all work is a contractual obligation, this hamstrings the agile team.Instead of a detailed scope contract, turn to a flexible working agreement. The flexible working agreement is best done in the…