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Piling on: State AGs intend to launch their own antitrust investigation against tech biggies

A coalition of about 12 state attorneys general is getting ready to launch an antitrust investigation of U.S. tech giants, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday. The specific companies were not identified in the report, but they are likely Google, Facebook, Amazon and possibly Apple. This would be a separate inquiry from the current federal and Congressional investigations going on. According to the report the focus will be whether “a handful of dominant tech platforms use their marketplace powers to stifle competition.”Bi-partisan state effort. The group is reportedly bi-partisan and probably includes Texas, North Carolina and Mississippi, among others. A formal announcement is expected next month. It’s not clear whether the federal and state investigations, assuming the latter goes forward, would be coordinated in any way or independent. Previously the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reached agreement on antitrust investigations of the four companies…

Six beloved content marketing tools recommended by the pros

Are you going about your content marketing as effectively and efficiently as possible?There are a lot of different content marketing tools out there, with new ones appearing faster than you can keep up. You might be tempted to keep trying new things, but have you chosen the best software for the job at hand?One great way to find the best content marketing tools is to take a look at what the pros are using and recommending. Here are six of the best, as recommended by six top content marketers.1. BuzzSumo  – Recommended by Neil PatelWhat is it?BuzzSumo is hugely popular within the content marketing industry. It allows you to look up your competitor’s sites (or a keyword) and see what content is performing best – listing the number of social media engagements and shares across key platforms.At the Pro level, it also gives you a very handy option to see what backlinks each piece of content has.Why try it?In “15 Content marketing tools you can’t live without”, Neil Patel explains why BuzzS…