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Re-thinking customer acquisition: What you cannot measure sometimes matters most

We recently signed a major tech player as a client – a brand we were proud to add to our portfolio. As a marketer, I wondered what drove them to sign: was it our recent email marketing campaign? A new whitepaper? The 1:1 advertisement that made them take a demo?It was none of the above. One of their employees saw us at a trade show six months ago and loved our presentation. It stuck with her half a year later when her colleagues were evaluating new webinar solutions. This is pretty typical human behavior: we have a thought, file it away and don’t revisit it until the topic is raised again.But this is maddening to marketers, who expect things to unfold sequentially. We’ll contact a prospect, usher them through each stage of the funnel, nurturing at every turn, and they’ll become a customer. Then we can see what converted them – which marketing tactic we can “attribute” to the sale, so we can invest more in what’s working. The rise of data-driven marketing has made us want to attribute …

5 Creative Ideas for Promoting Your Business Blog

No matter what industry you’re in, there’s no doubt about it: you need to build a website, and your website needs a blog. Without a blog, you’ll quickly fall behind your competition in search engine results pages (SERPs). With that in mind, it isn’t just enough to learn how to start a blog: you also have to learn how to promote it.Even the best, most established businesses still brainstorm creative ways to promote their blogs and generate reader interest. But with so many businesses and blogs crowding the landscape across every industry, finding unique promotional methods isn’t always easy. Here are five creative ways you can attract new readers to your blog:Get Involved In the CommunityAs a business owner and blogger, you should go where your customers go. Start by getting involved in your online community. You may not realize it, but every industry has its own group of forums and boards where users go to share their stories, trade advice, and solicit feedback. All it takes is a litt…