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Spark creativity: 11 tips to build a more creative business

Modern CMOs face a creativity problem and opportunity. Sixty percent of CEOs consider creativity to be the single most important quality in a leader, yet only 25 percent of workers feel they’re living up to their creative potential. Why is there a gap this large, and what can business leaders do about it? It represents a gap that innovative CMOs can close.Why? A creative workforce can give a company the edge it needs to stay ahead of the competition. If you want to give your team a creative boost, it’s important to encourage people to pursue the paths that interest them and reward unique solutions to problems.Changing the very demeanor of your work, however, is always easier said than done. If you’re looking for practical ways to spark creativity in your brand, here are some places to start:1. Put down the devicesSmartphones and computers may be integral to the way modern business is done, but they can also have serious drawbacks. While I was researching my new book, I discovered the …

How AMP technology can upgrade your email campaigns

Accelerated mobile page (AMP) technology is what going to revolutionize bulk email marketing as we know it today.It enables to add dynamic content to previously static flat email pages, and lets recipients react to it right in the message. To view extra photos or scroll through price offers, customers no longer need to download the site page, open a new tab or click on the link – now they can do it without leaving the email body. Supported by Gmail and and adapted by major online platforms, it will soon extend to other email clients and brands.How it worksAMP technology is a series of HTML tags backed up by CSS and JS. It aims to speed up the mobile web and optimize page performance, creating new ways for more versatile customer engagement. To send AMP-powered bulk email campaigns, you have to undergo registration at Google as a dynamic content sender and make sure your email automation service provider supports this technology. As for today, the following companies have annou…