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Social Shorts: YouTube’s top Bumper Ads, Twitter’s aqui-hire, LinkedIn’s transparency report

This collection of social media marketing and new hire announcements is a compilation of the past week’s briefs from our daily Marketing Land newsletter.Click here to subscribeand get more news like this delivered to your inbox every morning.Bringing music to Waze. YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium members can now access YouTube Music through the Waze app. “All of the albums, playlists, personalized mixes, and more that fans love to listen to are now available with a couple of quick taps as they navigate to where they need to go,” writes YouTube on its company blog. The integration began rolling out on Thursday and will soon be available in all 50 markets where both YouTube and Waze are accessible. The company is also offering a free trial to try out YouTube Music Premium via the app. Users can tap the music note icon within the Waze app and select YouTube Music as the audio app.No more DMs. YouTube announced via its Community Help Forum that it is shuttering the direct messag…

The MarTech Minute: Deloitte introduces “blockchain in a box,” Accenture acquires Analytics8

MarTech Minute briefs always appear first in our daily Martech Today newsletter throughout the week. Click here to subscribe. The following is our compilation of the past week’s briefs from those newsletters.CleverTap study indicates email is key for app user retention. The study, Industry Benchmarks for Ecommerce Apps, tracked 15 million users across 18 million devices, collecting 3.1 billion data points. The research showed that only 16% of users register within one week of installing an app; during the same one week period is when 70% of new user churn occurs. For brands using apps to engage with their customers, email is a critical component to retaining users.Deloitte debuts “blockchain in a box.” The professional services firm has launched a plug-and-play product designed to help enterprise organizations showcase their blockchain solutions and capabilities to their clients. The product is designed as a mobile unit with nodes and monitors that can be linked to external services l…

SurveyMonkey Audience expands offering, helping marketers gather deeper insights

SurveyMonkey Audience, known as SurveyMonkey’s “do it yourself” research solution, helps marketers gathering findings for various research use cases including market sizing, brand tracking, ad testing, content marketing and customer profiling – among others. The solution will be expanding its capabilities to improve marketers’ research experiences with the launch of SurveyMonkey Audience Premium.Why we should careCustomer data is essential for marketers, and SurveyMonkey has proven to be a solution for creating engaging interactions with our customers while generating new data points. With SurveyMonkey Audience Premium, SurveyMonkey anticipates that marketers will be able to rapidly scale their market research programs — and build robust customer profiles and improve their marketing efforts based on these learnings.The premium add-ons to SurveyMonkey Audience are expected to help marketers quickly dive deeper into their insights. In addition to expedited reporting capabilities, Premiu…

8 Tips To Spend Less Time On Your Email

According to a McKinsey Global Institute report on “the social economy,” the average knowledge worker now spends 28% of her work time managing email. If you work 50 hours per week, that’s 14 hours stuck in the inbox. Managing email is one of the most rigorous and time taking tasks. We think that we have […]8 Tips To Spend Less Time On Your Email is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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