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Why marketers should embrace data privacy, rather than view it as an obstacle

“What would happen if marketers embraced privacy as a value of the company?”This was the question posed to me by Duane Schulz, Principal, Schulz Advisors LLC. In a digital world where businesses are so laser-focused on demand generation and revenue opportunities, marketers often view data privacy policies as yet another hurdle to jump through.But instead of viewing privacy regulations as an imposition, what if marketers could shift the narrative and use data privacy as a core tenant of the brand’s value?At MarTech East in September, Schulz will explore this topic in his session, Don’t Be Evil: A Framework for Lean Surveillance Marketing. He’ll discuss how marketing technology is contributing to users’ growing privacy and trust concerns while offering solutions on how marketers can shift to user-first trust and consent-based brand marketing.In light of heightened privacy concerns, data breaches, and the launch of new data privacy legislature, consumers are more hyper-aware and protecti…

How to optimize your video marketing strategy on YouTube

You need to up your YouTube optimization game when you’ve got awesome video content but poor traffic.In case you haven’t heard, video marketing has been experiencing a near-meteoric rise over the last few years. Online video has now overtaken television as the preferred medium for watching videos, while around five billion videos are watched on YouTube each day.It’s important to note that simply having great content isn’t enough. To make sure your videos are seen by more people and easy to discover, you have to optimize them.This is where SEO comes in. The good news is that YouTube is already the second biggest search engine in the world, which means you can be sure that your audience will find you if you do the right things.In this article, we’re going to give you some of our tried and tested tips on how to optimize your video marketing strategy on YouTube.Title your video with keywordsYour title is essentially what makes people want to click your video. It has to be brief, direct, c…

MarTech is marketing: Evaluate 100+ solutions in one place

Discovering new solutions. Kicking the tires on marketing technologies. Grilling the vendors about products. Meeting others with a passion for marketing and marketing technology.All terrific reasons to attend MarTech, September 16-18 in Boston. Our Expo Hall is your one-stop shop for evaluating new marketing technology, learning from exhibitors, and connecting with the community. Keep reading for a closer look at what’s in store:100+ marketing technology solutions. Picking the right marketing technology can be daunting. Come to the Expo Hall to efficiently evaluate over 100 tools, services, and products from 70+ market-defining vendors. From analytics to content marketing to marketing automation, you’re sure to find the ideal tool for your organization’s needs and budget. (Ahem… and the swag’s pretty great, too.)The Discover MarTech Theater. Interested in learning about marketing and marketing technology? Check out presentations from Real Story Group, The New York Times, MarTech Today…