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Showing posts from September 5, 2019

Vibenomics launches out-of-home audio advertising marketplace to target customers in-store

Audio experience company Vibenomics announced Tuesday the launch of an audio out-of-home (OOH) advertising marketplace, designed to connect advertisers with customers shopping in physical stores around the U.S. According to Vibenomics, advertisers can place audio ads to be broadcast over store speakers and target a national audience of up to 150 million shoppers (or 4,000 individual locations nationally).First launched in 2017, Vibenomics provides background music and voice announcements for location-based businesses. With the OOH advertising marketplace, brands will be able to broadcast targeted, in-store audio messaging in any of the 4,000 locations where Vibenomics is a partner.Why we should careThe consumer audio market is exploding with more listening options than ever (i.e. Spotify, podcasting, Apple Music), and advertisers are keen to take part in the growing audio supply. But outside of traditional radio advertising, it can be challenging for brands to target customers using a…

Google Ads announce more changes to match types – Challenges and opportunities

Google Ads has recently announced that it now allows ads to be served for queries that it understands to share the same meaning on broad modified and phrase match keywords.For bigger advertisers, this is probably not a huge concern, as they are not limited by budget. Being visible for a wider range of search terms without having to add thousands of keyword variations can only be a good thing.But what about those with limited budgets, and those in niche industries that need to target very specific keywords?While there will undoubtedly be challenges to overcome in light of these changes, there are also likely to be opportunities.Challenges1. Spend may increaseAn increase in impressions is likely to equate to more clicks, which is fine if these clicks go on to convert. But with Google determining how relevant a search term is to the keywords in your campaigns, just how much could spend skyrocket if left unchecked?Neil Andrew from AdTech startup PPC Protect, says:“These changes are defini…

MarTech kicks off in 2 weeks… will we see you there?

In two weeks, 1,400 senior-level marketers like you will attend MarTech®, September 16-18 in Boston. This is your chance to….Learn actionable tactics & proven strategies for overcoming sticky marketing challenges, from driving results from your martech stack to building a powerhouse marketing ops teamDiscover time-saving tools from 70+ vendors, covering everything from automation to analyticsConnect with the martech community at an array of networking events, from casual speed networking to A.I.-powered matchmaking with MarTech ConnectAn All Access pass unlocks the entire conference experience — all sessions, keynotes, networking, exhibitors, and amenities (add a pre-conference workshop for maximum learning!). Tight on time? Focused on meeting vendors and growing your network? Attend MarTech for FREE with an Expo+ pass!Register now! Or keep reading for the details.Actionable Tactics From Successful MarketersThe agenda features three core editorial tracks. Each tackles an essential…