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Showing posts from September 9, 2019

Testing your email marketing to improve your deliverability

Martech is always changing and evolving, and the same is true for one of the oldest martech applications in our toolsets — email marketing. Many organizations treat email like a static piece of marketing technology and leave email deliverability up to the email service providers, but marketing to the managed inbox needs to be an ongoing, active process. The term “managed inbox” applies to email inboxes that use filtering systems and algorithms to prioritize incoming email messages for the end-user. Ignoring email deliverability could have devastating results for your brand — like being blacklisted by major inbox providers — to which there are no quick fixes.Marketers have more control over email optimization and deliverability than they may realize, and a few tweaks to your processes could make all the difference when it comes to reaching the inbox. Between working alongside your partners at your email service provider (ESP) and a bit of education on deliverability, your team can take…

Tips to diversify for long-term PPC search marketing effectiveness

This article will help advertisers ensure long-term success despite the instability of pay-per-click search engine advertising as an online marketing platform.Pay-per-click search engine advertising is great for generating short-term profits from internet businesses, but with the difficulties in finding good long-term online advertising platforms, more and more PPC advertisers are seeing their long-term investments lose steam, traffic, and eventually income. Advertisers and internet marketing specialists that were once investing hundreds of thousands per month into the Google AdWords pay-per-click search engine advertising platform are becoming frustrated with the lack of impressions, and are desperately searching for a new place to market their products.This raises a dilemma for pay-per-click advertisers. The web traffic sources that were once almost guaranteed to bring in tons of visitors are quickly being turned on their heads. From inconsistent pay-per-click search engine advertis…