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Join The BIGGEST Digital Marketing Conference in India EVER! (2019)

Guys, think about this – digital marketing is the only field ever in which entrants can make a mark through “self-learning.” I am sure most of you who are reading this have taught yourself digital marketing by reading online blogs (including Shout Me Loud hopefully ☺), having conversations with your peers, attending local meetups, and […]Join The BIGGEST Digital Marketing Conference in India EVER! (2019) is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

from ShoutMeLoud

How to write landing page copy that converts like crazy

Businesses that use 10 to 15 landing pages experience up to 55% more leads. However, it isn’t as easy as slapping a landing page up and watching the money come in. You need amazing copy to experience that.Copywriting is the art of using words to convince customers to purchase a product. Furthermore, landing pages are bare-bones sales pages with one goal – to sell something.That means landing pages need to have a crisp copy that gets the customer excited or they’ll leave in a snap of a finger. This is also why we’re going to be covering seven landing page copywriting techniques that boost conversion rates today if you keep reading.Let’s dive in.Effective landing page copywriting strategiesThese are some of the best copywriting strategies you can use throughout a landing page. Try them out in headlines, subheadings, and within the body. Use them in different combinations and see the results for yourself.1. Include plenty of calls to actionCalls to action are phrases and words which tell…