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SEO is a team sport: How brands and agencies organize work

The importance of teamwork and workflow is often missing from discussions of SEO success.So I interviewed 31 people, with titles ranging from Content Specialist to SEO Director, to CEO, and asked them about how teamwork and workflow affect their SEO operations and success.Why did I do this? Because we can all learn from the experience of others. By understanding what works for others, we can hopefully avoid making their early mistakes.Costs of poor coordination are traffic, conversions, working relationshipsThese costs are very real. Websites can suffer from less organic traffic and/or decreased conversions.In the same way that people who run relay races practice how they hand the baton from runner to runner, the various team members working on a website need to work on how they interact and hand off work to each other.Sometimes the technical SEO suffers, sometimes the design aesthetics suffer, sometimes the user experience suffers. Sometimes tradeoffs between the three need to be mad…

Check out the SEO & SEM sessions coming to SMX East

Serious search marketers like you know that in an ever-changing industry, it’s essential to reevaluate what’s new, what’s changed, and what’s next…What’s the latest with Google and Bing penalties?How important is page speed, really?Should voice search be a priority for your company?Do know how to take advantage of new e-commerce platforms like Amazon Advertising?What about offline conversion tracking?… the list goes on. Get answers to your burning SEO and SEM questions and learn how to navigate the latest changes in search marketing at SMX East, November 13-14 in NYC!Programmed by the editors of Search Engine Land, this year’s conference is an expert-led firehose of content… 90+ sessions covering everything from agency operations(new!) to local search for multi-location brands(also new!), video, content, mobile, and, of course, our bread and butter: Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.Here’s a look at the SEO and SEM sessions on tap:SEOBreaking Down The Periodic Tab…

New Age Tech Ideas to Charge Your Phone For 2019

It’s no news how much phone-dependent humans have grown to be.Here’s the beauty of a smartphone: Rather than running to catch a bus, order an Uber; instead of staying bored, play a video game.The good side: our everyday tasks have become so simplified that stress levels has decreased.The bad side: we can do little or nothing we love when they are dead.New Tech Ideas to Help Keep Your Phone ChargedSo, let’s take a look at ways you can keep your phone alive without having to go through the hassle of using conventional long-wired chargers, as technology has developed new ideas, as expected.1. Anker Solar chargerWhether you are out hiking or on the pitch playing soccer, getting away from a charging source alongside staying under the sun could be great disadvantages. So, possessing a gadget which converts the sun’s heat into useful power for your phone would be a life-saver. That’s exactly what solar chargers bring to the table.For instance, take a look at the Anker solar charger. With the…