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ANA announces new measurement division to enable industry standards, accountability

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) is launching Measurement for Marketers (MFM), a new division that aims to level the measurement playing field in the ad space. The announcement was made by ANA’s CEO Bob Liodice at the 2019 ANA Data & Measurement Conference this week.Why we should careWith the digital industry surging toward increased transparency and ad safety initiatives, ANA is taking a natural step to support it by making efforts to keep measurement standards in check. For advertisers and marketers, this move could pave the way for a sanctioned baseline of measurement standards with resources to enable a cleaner ad ecosystem.According to Liodice, the new division was created to drive cohesion across ad measurement standards and hold the industry accountable by delivering measurement-focused products and services to ANA members. Additionally, it aims to put marketers at the center, providing resources to enable thoughtful decision-making as marketers and advertisers…