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Performance degradation affecting Salesforce clients

The Salesforce Technology team is currently investigating an issue affecting multiple Salesforce client instances.Why we should careAccording to the Salesforce Status site, some customers are unable to read or write files and attachments in their Salesforce environments. Files that were created after the incident began and before the fix is applied will be unavailable to users until the Technology team is able to complete the resynchronization process for production hosts.The issue has rendered clients unable to upload and share business-critical documentation, which could slow down processes across impacted organizations.More on the newsEight Salesforce data centers were affected by the performance degradation.As of Friday afternoon, five of the data centers had the manual fix applied. The remaining three were still undergoing updates to make files available to users again.Impacted users should refer to the site for updates from Salesforce.The post Performance degradation affecting S…

Social Shorts: Facebook’s latest Portal devices, 3D Snaps, LinkedIn Skills Assessment tests

This collection of social media marketing and new hire announcements is a compilation of the past week’s briefs from our daily Marketing Land newsletter.Click here to subscribeand get more news like this delivered to your inbox every morning.Portal: Now on TV screens. Facebook rolled out three new Portals on Wednesday, expanding its family of video-calling devices. The new models include an upgraded version of the 10” Portal device, an all-new 8” Portal Mini and a Portal TV device that can be placed below or on top of a user’s TV, offering in-screen video-calling from the TV screen. The three devices range from $129 for the mini to $179 for the upgraded 10” Portal. The Portal TV costs $149.All three include the same video-calling capabilities with Messenger and WhatsApp integrations. What’s new among the devices is an option that allows users to turn off the “Hey Portal” voice storage setting.“If you have the ‘Hey Portal’ enabled, Portal listens for the phrase ‘Hey Portal.’ If it’s de…

The pitfalls of surveys and other data traps that could be hurting your marketing

BOSTON, MA — At our MarTech Conference this week, Amos Budde, VP of applied data science at Civis Analytics, discussed the importance of data credibility and the ways it powers marketing decision making.Data is at the foundation of our digital marketing efforts, but it is often faulty – and many marketers don’t think twice about it. Budde offered key points for marketers to consider when applying metrics to a marketing strategy in order to avoid setbacks and erroneous outcomes.Don’t trust people’s reasoningBudde addressed the faultiness of human reasoning, stating that most people are apt to respond based on their current circumstances and immediate sentiment.“If you’re asking someone a question, they’re filtering that question through who they are in that exact moment, using biases to rationalize current opinions based on how they’re feeling, what they recently learned, etc.,” Budde said.For marketers working with survey data, it can be challenging to pin down a person’s actual posit…