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A visual guide for every Google Ads extension

Sitelinks, the first Google ad extension, was introduced in 2009. They enabled advertisers to expand the total size of their text ads while also providing additional links to the advertiser’s website. In the ten years that followed these original ad extensions, Google rolled out an additional ten manual and automated extensions and two automated-only extensions. Manual extensions require that advertisers set them up within Google Ads before they can show up in the actual ad. Automated extensions require no set up on the advertiser’s part – Google Ads these automatically based on system predictions of performance. Since ad extensions only appear beneath the main body of the ad at Google’s discretion, there’s no easy way to preview an ad with the extensions included, thus it’s challenging for Google Ads managers and agencies to explain to clients what their actual ad might look like to searchers. This inspired me to create an in-depth, fully illustrated guide of Google’s ad extensi