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Stop Overbidding for What’s Yours! Using AI to build brand equity and search ROI

Are you bidding too high for your own brand terms? Or maybe too low? Do you know how to cost-effectively build and maintain brand equity in your search advertising?If you are struggling with the answers to these types of questions, it’s time to learn how to use AI-driven strategies to protect your brand – and bid smarter. In this ever-expanding digital advertising space, where advertisers compete for the same customers, you’re often faced with aggressive brand bidding techniques and trademark infringements that drive up your CPC costs and cross-advertising investments, and dilute your brand. Join us as we walk through real-life examples of how brands have successfully leveraged AI to help guard their brand across channels, as well as protect and monetize what’s rightfully theStop Overbidding for What’s Yours! Using AI to build brand equity and search ROIirs – their customers. Register today for “Stop Overbidding for What’s Yours!” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by A…

Oracle to acquire CrowdTwist, adding loyalty solutions to Customer Experience portfolio

Enterprise technology provider Oracle has announced plans to buy customer loyalty platform, CrowdTwist. The acquisition is the latest move by the software giant to build out its Customer Experience (CX) cloud. CrowdTwist’s technology will be integrated with Oracle’s Responsys, Eloqua and CX Unity platforms.Why we should careBrining the CrowdTwist’s customer loyalty solution into its CX cloud could give marketers already using Oracle’s existing CX solutions the ability potentially improve customer retention. Customer loyalty is a critical component to marketing initiatives. According to CrowdTwist, its cloud loyalty solutions can serve marketers’ specific use cases through its adaptable programs. Integrating loyalty rewards programs could help marketers seeking to expand their programs past single-channel execution to omnichannel efforts.“Oracle is taking a unique approach to the customer data platform space, enabling the application of intelligence across every customer touchpoint,” s…

Court upholds FCC repeal of net neutrality but allows states to regulate internet

FCC Chairman Ajit PaiOn Tuesday, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals upheld most of the FCC’s 2017 unpopular repeal net neutrality. However, the court ruled the agency’s attempt to preempt individual states from creating new rules to regulate ISPs and telcos was illegal.The backstory. Net neutrality was passed during the second term of the Obama administration and basically prevented ISPs from creating fast and slow lanes to prioritize or discriminate against content types or publishers. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a former Verizon lawyer, had argued that net neutrality was stifling “innovation” and the rules were repealed on a straight, party-line vote in December 2017.Since the FCC’s new rules went into effect last year, telecos started throttling YouTube and Netflix. However several states, including California, enacted legislation to effectively restore net neutrality or similar protections. The California law, in particular, prevents internet service providers from blocking or slowing tra…

Shutterstock launches Smart Brief, collaborative tool for creative briefs

Visual content provider Shutterstock today announced the launch of ​Smart Brief – a new tool designed to simplify and improve the creative briefing process for marketers and creatives.The new service is part of Shutterstock Custom, a premium content management solution that helps enterprise clients produce and scale branded content. Shutterstock Custom users will be able to access the Smart Brief tool, which employs automated technology to accelerate the traditional creative collaboration process.Smart Brief in action.According to the company, key highlights of the tool include:Intelligence. Powered by machine learning, the tool guides users through the process with relevant prompts that capture accurate inputs while eliminating conflicting or unnecessary informationImproved collaboration. Users will have the ability to accept changes and recommendations from other team members, view or revert to previous versions, and clone existing briefs.Flexibility. Users are able to make adjustme…

Time’s running out to save big! SMX East Early Bird rates expire this Saturday

This. Is. It. Your FINAL chance to save up to $600 off on-site rates for Search Marketing Expo – SMX East expires this Saturday night.Book now for actionable SEO and SEM tactics, 100+ search marketing sessions, invaluable networking, market-defining vendors, and more!If you’re planning to join us November 13-14 in NYC, why wouldn’t you register now?Early Bird rates expire at 11:59PM on this Saturday, October 5. Don’t put this off. Book now to enjoy serious savings!See you in NYC!The post Time’s running out to save big! SMX East Early Bird rates expire this Saturday appeared first on Marketing Land.

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