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Showing posts from October 8, 2019

Campaign Monitor launches email solution for retailers with acquisition of Conversio

The CM Group, which oversees a number of technology brands including Campaign Monitor, has acquired the ecommerce platform Conversio. Now part of Campaign Monitor, Conversio’s technology will be used to launch CM Commerce, a new email product designed for smaller retailers.“Conversio is one of the most highly rated and highly reviewed applications in the Shopify store,” said CMO Group CEO Wellford Dillard, “With this acquisition, we now have an offering for ecommerce businesses at each stage of their growth journey, beginning with CM Commerce and continuing with Sailthru [another marketing platform owned by CM Group].”Why we should careThe newly launched CM commerce product is designed for smaller retailers without the full email marketing resources of a larger enterprise — offering pre-built workflows and email automation.“CM Commerce has been a game-changer for a small company like ours where our marketing team is just two people,” said Cafe Joe USA CEO Aron Schoenfeld, “Once we con…

Getting the big picture for the future of email

This month I’m going to deviate from my regular series and talk up the new Periodic Table of Email that Marketing Land just released. After being in the email business for 20 years, I can recognize the effort and organization needed to put this grand data visualization together. I give total props to the Marketing Land team for the work and the value it will bring to our industry.As I reviewed the chart, my eyes wandered immediately to the elements in blue and purple, and I began thinking about how they’re related and what they have to tell us about the global picture.One of the beauties of this chart is that it plays with many of the concepts that I advocate – looking first at the strategic components of our effort, the “why” before the “how” of email marketing.One sign of a great marketer is the ability to look beyond the short-term take to see the bigger global picture, which is the true interplay between just sending another email and seeing email’s relationship with the brand’s e…