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Are small errors like worldwide targeting draining your budget? This Google Ads script can help

Human beings aren’t robots. With thousands upon thousands of keywords to keep track of and an assortment of settings to apply on multiple levels of your account, there’s always a possibility that you’ve overlooked something small… or something big.Whether it’s pushing bids too far, being overly eager in your device modifiers, or forgetting to apply location targeting, mistakes can be pretty expensive. Worldwide targeting, for one, can quickly sap your budget as you serve ads in territories of no benefit to you.But manually checking these settings can be incredibly time-consuming. What do we say to all things tedious? The answer is always scripts.This one will do all the legwork for you. Plug in your upper limits and tell it where you’d like it to look, and it will email you a report detailing anything in your account that isn’t right. Perhaps you’ve not applied location targeting to a certain campaign? Or you’re bidding way above what you’d like for a selection of your keywords?It’s g…

The State of SEO 2019 – Infographic

Zazzle Media’s second annual “State of SEO survey” has assessed the value and ROI of SEO, looking at its impact in securing funds or resources.The data suggested that 60% of marketers find that resources and a shortage of budget are the main reasons they don’t spend more on organic search activity. However, almost a third of surveyed marketers still don’t know how to measure the impact of SEO on their results.The survey reviewed 70% of in-house marketers and 30% of agency heads from various companies. It called for marketers to develop a better understanding of attribution models, measurement tools, brand value, and purpose when it comes to spending more on SEO.The main reasons cited for marketers struggling to secure investment are competitor awareness, revealing that marketers are too aware of their competitor’s activity, even noting that their branded keywords were being targeted by their competitors.The report noted that data-led objectives can act as investment enablers as they c…