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Responsive ads come to Facebook with Multiple Text Optimization

Facebook has rolled out a new responsive ad feature similar to what Google Ads launched last year. The feature, dubbed Multiple Text Optimization, allows advertisers to create several versions of headlines, ad copy and descriptions for a single ad. Facebook’s ad system then dynamically serves up the combination it determines will deliver the best results.Advertisers can create multiple text options for their Facebook ads.Why we should careYou can also use Multiple Text Optimization to test different how kinds (and combinations) of features and benefits resonate with different audiences. This type of multivariate option leaves messaging combinations to the algorithms and can accelerate testing of different types of messaging. The trade-off is in tightly controlling how your ads appear. It’s just one more indication of how machine learning is being applied to ad creative — across all of the major advertising platforms.For reporting, you can choose the Headline and Body custom columns to…

Is ‘digital empathy’ an oxymoron?

“Dad, why do I see ads for jeans days and weeks after I already bought a new pair?” asked my 17-year-old daughter recently, “it’s not like the salesgirl at the Free People store follows me to my car after I make a purchase asking me if I want to buy the same item.” I try to explain to her that this is a data-driven targeting technique that has proven to be effective, but she cuts me off with “Dad, I think they just don’t care what I think or feel. It’s annoying, it makes me angry and I think they should know that!”Once again, the “mouths of babes” got me thinking: maybe she is right. Data doesn’t care, technology doesn’t care, digital ads don’t care; people care and maybe we as an industry we have forgotten this.Empathy is humanityEmpathy is our ability to understand and feel the experience of another from that person’s frame of mind. The term comes from the Ancient Greek empatheia, taken literally to mean “in passion.” Over the millennia, the concept has come to be recognized as one …

Pro Tip: Every new project starts with breaking down silos

Every advertiser works with a number of partners – media partners, creative agencies, ad servers, DSPs, DMPs, dynamic creative partners, you name it. In theory, they’re all striving toward the same goal, but rarely are they all navigating according to the same roadmap. Let’s take a look at four necessary elements in getting everyone on the same page and moving forward as a cohesive force. Set the stageGet everyone in a room, or on the phone, to talk about the strategy, media, creative, personalization and all other functions vital to campaign success to ensure the whole team is speaking the same language and activating the same strategy. Establish a responsibility matrix and revisit it regularlyAs you’re laying the groundwork for collaboration, formalize the ways you will leverage the strengths of each partner. A RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) document can help layout how each partner will contribute to a project’s tasks and deliverables, helping to define roles …