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TapClicks acquires client reporting platform Megalytic

The marketing intelligence, analytics and workflow management platform TapClicks has acquired Megalytic, an automated client reporting and dashboard provider.TapClicks is a unified data solution for advertisers, agencies, brands and media companies with connectors to marketing and advertising platforms such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, LinkedIn Ads and SnapAds. As part of the acquisition, the company will now be able to integrate its data connectors into Megalytic for reporting.“We are excited to bring Megalytic into the TapClicks ecosystem to give marketers a robust but streamlined reporting solution that seamlessly integrates with the TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform suite of intelligence capabilities,” said TapClicks President Colby West.Why we should careThe acquisition benefits existing customers of both companies. TapClicks’ users will gain access to Megalytic’s reporting and dashboard solutions, while Megalytic’s users will be able to access the “hundreds of p…