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Showing posts from November 4, 2019

Wrike joins Adobe partner program Marketo Launchpoint

Project management platform Wrike has joined Marketo’s LaunchPoint, an Adobe partner program. The partnership is expected to improve end-to-end marketing campaign workflows and work management processes. The announcement was made only a few weeks after Wrike launched its new Wrike for Marketers Performance solution. Why we should care The integration will provide users with campaign performance data from Marketo Engage and tie it directly to specific projects and tasks in Wrike. This level of insight will help marketers not only measure campaign performance but also how their efforts directly impacted marketing outcomes. The real-time flow of information could give marketers the ability to make adjustments to optimize their active campaigns. “This collaboration transforms how marketing teams track and report on the outcomes of the integrated campaigns they plan, manage and complete in Wrike,” said Wrike founder and CEO Andrew Filev. “Marketing has become increasingly performance-dr

Adobe adds integration for Experience Manager and InDesign, aims to improve creative collaboration

Adobe Asset Link, the extension that connects Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) assets to the Adobe Creative Cloud, has added a new integration designed to streamline creative production. With the new update, users can use Asset Link to directly link their AEM assets to InDesign, creating more efficient collaboration between marketers and creatives on digital and print projects. Why we should care The feature is beneficial for marketers and creatives who use the Adobe Experience Manager as both a DAM and content management system (CMS). For cross-functional teams that share access to the Experience Manager, the integration with InDesign can help support more efficient branding efforts between marketers and designers. By having a clean integration between the two platforms, it eliminates some of the back-and-forth headaches that both sides face when dealing with high-volume creative output. Over time, the direct linking capability can help speed up the process of delivering relevant con

How to educate clients about SEO and earn their trust

I’ve found that most of my clients know a little something about SEO, but they’re not exactly sure how to make it work for them as well as it should. Teaching SEO to clients should be part of the client management services that you provide during SEO sales presentations. SEO is a broad topic that covers a lot of ground. The challenge lies in how to explain SEO is communicating all the ways that you can enhance SEO in terms that clients can understand so that it doesn’t seem so much like a foreign language.  I’ve found that my clients have a better understanding of the value of SEO when I can help them understand its significance in today’s digital marketing plans and speak to them about it without being too technical with the terms.  I’ve found some effective ways on how to pitch SEO services and with their help, I develop a custom SEO plan that’s designed for success. The points shared below will help you convey a lot of crucial information to your clients. Why SEO is necessary f

HubSpot acquires data synchronization platform PieSync

HubSpot has announced the acquisition of integration as a service (iPaaS) provider, marking the company’s first major acquisition since acquiring Kemvi and in 2017. With the acquisition, the companies seek to provide users with up-to-date customer profiles created from data spanning various platforms. Why we should care Many marketers know the grief of gathering data from disparate sources to keep customer profiles as valid as possible. Some rely on a combination of automated and manual processes which create a time-consuming and heavy lift, even for the brightest marketers. PieSync provides both current and historic two-way data synchronization that runs in the background. And through the integration, HubSpot will allow users to sync their data in real-time. The synchronization can help users have the most current customer information pulled in from a number of apps to create the most accurate view of the customer. “The HubSpot platform has grown significantly over the p