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Showing posts from November 11, 2019

Jivox debuts first-party identity solution to power ad personalization

With browsers cracking down on third-party cookies, how do advertisers deliver personalized digital ad creatives in a privacy- and browser-compliant fashion? Jivox, a company that specializes in dynamic digital advertising solutions, released a new identity technology Monday that it says can do just that.How it works. The new technology called Jivox IQiD takes a page from the hybrid cloud concept to enable brands to collect, control and use data without third-party cookies.“We have been trying to develop a solution that assumes third-party cookies would go away and that also adheres to the privacy concerns that are the reason that browsers are moving in that direction,” said Diaz Nesamoney, Founder and CEO, Jivox by phone last week. “Our technology allows the brand to collect consented data as the first-party — essentially as the brand’s domain … to collect data to stay in compliance.”Hybrid cloud technology separates the code or software from the data, which is owned and safeguarded …

12 Email marketing best practices for sales

Everybody may be talking about witty tweets, quick-tip videos, and memorable memes, but there is one marketing tool that remains powerful after all these years: emails.But an effective email marketing strategy in the 2000s may not work in 2019 anymore. Chances are, sales offer sent to inboxes will be marked as spam and forever left unopened. In March 2019, spam messages accounted for 56% percent of global email traffic. The challenge is to develop email campaigns that are as appealing and informative as other marketing tools heavily consumed in this age of social media and apps.Times have changed, and so are email marketing trends. Know what works and what does not. Here is a roundup of 12 effective email marketing tactics you should know about.1. Truly connect with your audienceAt one point in your online life, you may have received tons of offers to buy to join a matchmaking community for veterans or something that’s not even remotely connected to you or your interests. Random mass …