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Showing posts from November 18, 2019

Shutterstock’s new music subscription offers affordable music licensing for content creators

Shutterstock has launched an unlimited music subscription plan for content creators and digital marketers, offering more than 11,000 tracks that can be included in web-based content, including YouTube videos, podcasts and conference presentations.The subscription fee is $149 per month, and includes access to the Shutterstock Music library with music tracks searchable by genre, mood or popularity. The company says its music selection has been curated by professional musicians, with hundreds of tracks added every month.Why we should careThis latest offering from Shutterstock gives digital marketers and content creators the ability to spice up their content — putting a professional shine on things like podcast intros, YouTube ads or conference and trade show presentations. At $149 per month, it’s a cost-effective feature for marketers lacking the budget and resources to invest in high-end music productions for various projects.“Our new unlimited licensing option empowers creators to lice…

Airship Journeys launches to enable better cross-channel marketing

Customer engagement company Airship launched Airship Journeys, a new interface designed for marketers to drive simple, effective cross-channel engagements. Marketing users can use data models alongside Airship’s real-time mobile data, predictive AI and machine learning to launch cross-channel campaign activities. The low-code solution is expected to address the challenges of using drag-and-drop journey builder tools in Airship’s open platform, allowing marketers to reach customers across a number of channels from a single console.Why we should careAs consumers continue to adopt more digital channels, their behavior is also evolving to become more selective. Consumer expectations are increasingly raising the bar for hyper-personalized messaging.“Legacy visual builders were created for an email- and desktop-centric world with far fewer channels and little concern for where a customer was or what they were doing,” said Brett Caine, CEO and president, Airship. “They’ve become complex and …

Capitalizing on paid social in B2B industries

Paid advertising on social media channels always seems to be growing, it’s a huge buzzword at the minute and everybody wants it to work for their business.In B2C you’ll find endless ecommerce businesses who essentially make a living through Facebook ads alone and this makes sense, social media is very much a consumer channel. But this doesn’t stop stakeholders in B2B companies pushing for paid social to drive a volume of leads and clients.And this is where it gets challenging. As a B2B marketer, you are advertising in an unleveled playing field.When you advertise on Google Ads you have user intent, you still have competition but you are all competing for the same thing, an engaged user.When you advertise on Facebook however, you are targeting the same users as businesses in fashion, electronics, homeware – and there is no intent.It, therefore, becomes incredibly important that you pinpoint the right audience and target them with engaging creatives. If you don’t you will just be wastin…