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4 ways to get started with agile marketing

Marketing is always changing. And with that constant change comes greater expectations to produce ever-better results at a rapid pace with limited resources. Now more than ever, marketers must be ready for whatever comes their way — and they must be equipped with the right tools and processes to get results.To keep up, marketing teams are making big changes to how they manage their work and create differentiating content by adopting an Agile methodology. Join our experts as we explain how Agile marketing allows you to be more organized, get more done and be more responsive to market changes or shifting company strategies.Learn the simple steps for adopting Agile at your own pace. Register today for “4 Ways to Get Started With Agile Marketing,” presented by Workfront.

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Social shorts: Facebook gets a status monitor, YouTube adds Neilsen data to TV, TikTok hits 1.5 billion downloads

This collection of social media marketing and new hire announcements is a compilation of the past week’s briefs from our daily Marketing Land newsletter.Click here to subscribeand get more news like this delivered to your inbox every morning.LinkedIn cracks down on bad accounts and spam. Last week, LinkedIn released its latest Transparency Report, which addresses its efforts to remove spam and fake accounts, along with actions taken based on user reports and government information requests. According to the report, LinkedIn took down more than 21 million fake accounts in the first half of the year, and removed more than 60 million pieces of spam – including fake job postings. It also got rid of more than 16,000 instances of harassment, 11,000 posts containing obscene or pornographic content, nearly 2,000 posts showing violence or terrorism and 22 occurrences of child exploitation.YouTube to creators: It’s OK to take a break. YouTubeYouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki posted a year-end letter a…

Brands on Twitter can now hide replies to tweets

Twitter is giving brands and users more control over their social narratives with the ability to hide Tweet replies. The feature is rolling out globally after months of testing in some countries, including Canada and the U.S. Twitter made the announcement via a blog post on Thursday.“Currently, repliers can shift the topic or tone of a discussion and derail what you and your audience want to talk about,” the company said. “We learned that the feature is a useful new way to manage your conversations.”How it works. Users can opt to hide replies to the tweets they create. However, users can still see and engage with hidden replies by selecting the “View hidden replies” option in the Tweet’s dropdown.A Tweet author also has the option to unhide all replies – or a single reply – at any time. When a Tweet author hides a reply, the author of the reply will not be notified. Why we should care. When the feature was still in beta, Twitter said it found that the majority of users hid replies tha…

How to make a holiday shopping campaign for low budget accounts

As an advertiser, it always feels like the holiday season is abnormally long. It starts in August when I’m initiating conversations with our clients about the upcoming holidays and what it means for them. The majority of my clients are small businesses with small budgets, making this an important time of year. Not only do we have to be careful with our spend, but the revenue that is generated during this season is crucial. A lot of the accounts I work with will feel a strain in their business if they don’t earn enough during the holidays to help them make it through the slower months.The unique constraints that small businesses face with advertising carry over to the holiday season, which is why planning your calendar, knowing what you’re measuring and being intentional with your budget are so important.Calendar One of the challenges of running a small account during the holiday season is planning out exactly which campaigns you will run when. There are three main ways I approach the …

5 key ingredients for omnichannel success for the 2019 holiday shopping season

The holiday shopping sprint is nearly upon us and although it’s a short one, all signs point to impending good cheer for retailers and e-commerce businesses. With Thanksgiving Day six days later than last year, nearly a week has been carved out of the shopping season. Even so, Salesforce is optimistic and predicts that U.S. digital revenue will top $136B, marking a YoY growth rate of 13%. If total US holiday sales climb even 3.8% – and eMarketer expects that they will – 2019 will be our first-ever $1 trillion-dollar holiday shopping season. How big a slice of the holiday revenue pie are you positioned to take? This year, your holiday season success hinges largely upon your ability to deliver the exceptional cross-channel experience and service that constantly connected consumers have come to expect. Shoppers use eight different channels to engage with brands across the shopping journey now, says Google, and Forrester confirms that half of U.S. retail sales are now digitally impacted. …