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Acast Open launches to give brands an on-ramp to podcasting

The podcasting platform Acast has launched Acast Open, making available its podcast production offerings to any brand or publisher wanting to start a podcast. Acast Open includes three subscription models — Starter, Influencer and Ace — that come with different levels of support and analytics.Why we should careAdobe Analytics reported that podcast app usage grew 60% over the past year. Not only does this translate to new advertising opportunities for brands — the increase in podcast popularity opens the door for any company or executive ready to take their content marketing to a new level via a branded podcast.“Digital audio brings a new and untapped audience who are not reachable via traditional media,” says Sally Yu, director of research and insights for BBC Global News’ APAC division, during a recent event organized by BBC News and Campaign Asia, “It brings additive value to the traditional media reach.” Outside of music streaming, the top three forms of audio content consumed righ…

Last-minute tips to get your email marketing in shape for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

This is the sixth installment in our series on marketing to the managed inbox.Reaching the managed inbox is a multi-layered process that involves a growing number of marketing resources and is more challenging than ever before. Thanks to the rise of malicious email practices, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have doubled-down on email security practices.It always seems to come as a surprise, but Thanksgiving week is already here. The holiday that is traditionally celebrated by eating turkey and watching football is also the lead-in to the biggest retail sales events of the year. It has also evolved into one of the most important events for email marketers; many email marketers — particularly those in the retail space — are thinking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday all year long. From adhering to deliverability best practices to implementing precise segmentation strategies, marketers need to ensure their email programs in shape.“Black Friday/Cyber Monday is without a doubt the Supe…

Pinterest launches Pinterest Shop for small businesses that make and sell products

In advance of Small Business Saturday (Nov. 30) and the holiday shopping season, Pinterest has launched Pinterest Shop – a new dashboard curated by Pinterest that showcases the profiles and products of small businesses in an Etsy-style fashion.Shop currently includes 17 different small businesses that make and sell unique goods and have uploaded their product catalogs to Pinterest. The products are then automatically turned into Product Pins. Pinterest said it will continue updating the Pinterest Shop with products from select businesses. Why we should careSocial platforms are jumping on board to launch shopping experiences based on audience interests in unique products and curated collections. Instagram, for example, launched a curated collection of products inspired by this year’s top trends on the app. From personalized product recommendations to curated shopping hubs, platforms like the Pinterest Shop, Etsy, Instagram and Amazon are giving SMBs opportunities to be found on their p…

Top Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals For SEO Tools – 2019 Edition

The Black Friday–Cyber Monday weekend is a great time for online shopping. Don’t you agree, Shouters? As you all know, most online businesses offer irresistible discounts on products and services as Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. This is the time of year when I buy products that I’m going to need for the next 2-3 years. […]Top Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals For SEO Tools – 2019 Edition is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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[Exclusive] Web Hosting Black Friday Discounts For Bloggers: 2019 Edition

Black Friday is right around the corner & all online companies have started offering their biggest sales of the year. If you are not familiar with the concept of Black Friday, let me quickly explain it for you… Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving when all major online & offline companies offer their biggest […][Exclusive] Web Hosting Black Friday Discounts For Bloggers: 2019 Edition is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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Getting the most out of limited YouTube creative during the holiday season

Black Friday is going to be here in a matter of days, and you just got the go-ahead to use some additional budget to build awareness with YouTube ads. The problem is you don’t have enough time to get new holiday creative in time. Not ideal, but it’s not the end of the world. If you’re stuck with limited creative or you have to use the same videos you ran last year, I’m going to show you a few ways you can squeeze a little bit more juice out the orange before you have to throw it out. Let’s hop in.Even if your creative is limited, test different targetsI’ve had plenty of e-commerce clients who have seasonal products so one tactic I like trying is utilizing site search. If you have site search set up in your Google Analytics, you will be able to see the search queries users were typing when they were visiting your site. As a marketer, I like to go back and see what was popular during the holiday season the previous year. Like this example:We see flavors during last year’s holiday season…

[Mega Thread] Black Friday 2019 Discount For Bloggers

Black Friday is usually my favorite time for shopping because it offers deals that are one time, and hard to resist. Last year, I purchased Email marketing tool for the yearly plan, Bluehost 3 year hosting package, Few plugins, and other stuff, and saved over $1000 with the special discounted price on Black Friday. As […][Mega Thread] Black Friday 2019 Discount For Bloggers is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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Best BlackFriday Deals On WordPress Themes- 😍 Don’t miss it!

Are you happy with your existing WordPress theme? Isn’t selecting a WordPress theme a tough task? Needless to say the satisfaction we get when we discover a theme of our choice but the price is too high to buy. Well, you are not alone in this as it happens to me too all the time. This is […]Best BlackFriday Deals On WordPress Themes- 😍 Don’t miss it! is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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Yext researches what American customers are looking for throughout the year

Yext, the Search Experience Cloud company, released new research about American consumer search behavior during the past year. The data, drawn from a sample of more than 400,000 business locations in the United States, revealed new insights about when consumers are searching for and clicking most on businesses across retail, healthcare, financial services, and food, throughout the year.Among the key findings:Consumers are only getting more active in search: Consumer actions in business listings — driving directions clicks, clicks to call businesses, and more — grew 17% over the past year.Search — and searchers — are getting better: Consumer actions in search grew faster (17%) than search impressions of business listings (10%) over the year, suggesting that customers are finding what they want faster. Whether searchers are learning to use more specific queries or search engines are getting better at understanding those queries, customers are spending less time searching and more time e…